Commercial Silk Review: Beautiful Flowers and Plants to Help Brighten Up Your Home, Inside and Out

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Commercial Silk Review: Beautiful Flowers and Plants to Help Brighten Up Your Home, Inside and Out

Commercial Silk Review: Beautiful Flowers and Plants to Help Brighten Up Your Home, Inside and Out

Silk flowers. When I was growing up it seemed that the only time you saw these faux flowers was in an elderly couples home – namely your grandparents. They looked cheap and fake, and not to mention were often super dusty. Well, the times have changed and now there are beautiful flowers, arrangements and even landscapes that practically look real – unless you smell them of course. They are also way easier to take care of then real plants and last much, much longer! The options from Commercial Silk are no exception and truly are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen!

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Commercial Silk is the architect of faux flowers, plants and landscapes to help create a beautiful space for your home, office or even a commercial space. With 100s of products to choose from, their artificial trees, outdoor plants and other faux landscaping products – for both indoors and out – help prevent you from investing hours on end trying to maintain your plants. Moreover, they will actually help you plan out – “and plant” – your space, so there is literally no guess work involved.

Now I’ll admit, besides turf, I didn’t realize that faux landscaping was “a thing” until recently, and was honestly a bit skeptical about the whole idea. After seeing the products from Commercial Silk though, my mind has been changed!

Of course, not all faux plants are created equal and if you want them to look good, you need to invest in top quality products that should have several significant functional benefits, as well. Commercial Silk knows this and has included a list of things you should look for when purchasing artificial landscaping products. Thankfully, all of their products check these boxes and are the reasons why they beat any competing products available in the market:

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Unlike real plants, the artificial plants offered by Commercial Silk do not require regular maintenance. You will not need to hire a professional gardener to cut regularly, trim, prune and fertilize the faux plants. Further, unlike some artificial landscaping products that are available in the market, the Commercial Silk plants and trees do not require special chemicals and cleaning agents to keep them looking fresh. A simple spray of water on the plants is good enough to keep them looking brand new and vibrant.

Fire Retardant Plants for Your Safety

Another thing to keep in mind when installing artificial topiary trees and other landscaping products in your landscape is that these products must be fire retardant and safe. Faux plants have been the cause of several fires over the years. In the case of the Commercial Silk landscaping products, you do not need to worry about your office or home going up in flames. The raw materials of the plants, trees, and flowers are infused with special fire retardant chemicals that prevent fires and destruction in your surroundings.

Affordably Priced Products for Your Convenience

Just because their faux trees and plants are of excellent quality doesn’t mean they’re exorbitantly priced. The Commercial Silk plants are ideal for landscapes of all sizes because their products are very reasonably priced. You can purchase them in large quantities without having to worry about spending an arm and leg for them.

Can Be Installed in Outdoor and Indoor Landscapes

Another excellent benefit of the artificial landscaping products offered by Commercial Silk is that these products can be installed in a wide range of outdoors and indoors projects.

Easy Installation Process

Commercial Silk has a team of skilled installers who will help you complete the entire landscape for your home or office. You won’t need to hire professional landscaping artists to complete the job for you, as is often the case for other brands.

Climate Tolerant and Weather Proof Landscaping Products

Another functional benefit of the landscaping products offered by Commercial Silk is that these plants and trees are completely weatherproof and climate tolerant. In fact, their plants can withstand snowstorms, rainfall and even excessive sunlight, and won’t fade or lose their color when exposed to harsh elements of the weather. The plants and trees can also be kept in air-conditioned or humid facilities without deteriorating in quality.

Wide Range of Products to Choose From

Commercial Silk has a massive range of landscaping products to offer its patrons. From palm trees to pine trees, bonsai trees, bamboo trees, apple trees, olive trees, flowers such as hydrangeas, roses, orchids and various others, topiaries in spirals, balls, swirls, and rectangles, you can petty much have the landscape of your dreams with Commercial Silk products.


Commercial Silk Int'l was founded in 1986 as a division of Plantscape Inc., a leading national interior landscaping firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their goal has always been to produce the world's finest, most authentic artificial trees and silk plants for commercial projects. Their broad experience in the interior landscaping business has enabled them to build and install the most natural looking artificial plantscapes in the industry. In fact, their reputation as an international design and landscaping company has rapidly expanded, with their artificial plants and trees now installed in over 50 different countries worldwide.


$129.99 for the Orchid pictured here. All plants and flowers vary based on kind, size, etc.


All Commercial Silk plants and flowers can be purchased directly through their Online Store.


Ok, I’ll admit it, I do NOT have a green thumb. While I truly wish I did, and there have been times where I’ve created beautiful flower arrangements, vegetable gardens and the like, I frankly just don’t have time these days to worry about watering, trimming and weeding. This means that the hours I’ve spent purchasing and planting flowers and produce ends up being a complete waste of time – and money – and only gets me more frustrated and bummed out than anything.

But now, thanks to Commercial Silk, I no longer have to worry about “killing” my plants and can easily make both the inside and outside of my home look fresh and beautiful! And while I haven’t moved to the outdoor faux landscaping part yet, I’m not at all opposed to it. Especially since finding a gardener who will actually stick to their schedule has been a whole job in itself! But that story’s for another day… ;)

Are you looking for a way to add green elements inside – or outside – your home, but just not sure about using real plants?! Then you should definitely look into the products by Commercial Silk! Because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle – so why not take one today?!

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