Chung Jung One Gochujang’s Korean Sauces Review

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Chung Jung One Gochujang’s Korean Sauces Review

Chung Jung One Gochujang’s Korean Sauces Review

Natural Umami Flavored Sauces to Bring Spicy, Savory & Sweet to Dishes, Instantly

I’ve always loved ethnic cooking. From sweet and spicy to the savory and umami flavor profiles that you get from foods in various cultures, there’s no countries’ food that I’m opposed to trying (within reason, of course)! This especially goes for the Asian cultures. Umami-filled foods have always been one of my favorite tastes, and is why I get excited when I find products that make this way of cooking even easier! And the products from Chung Jung One’s line of Gochujang’s Sauce line are no exception.

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Gochujang is a Korean Chili Sauce that has been around since the late 18thCentury. Considered a Korean household staple, Chung Jung One has put a new, healthier spin on the product by creating a Vegan and Gluten-free version that combines the fermented process of the sauce with a natural balance of sea salt and sweetness [provided by cane sugar]. By bringing a full range of spicy, savory, and sweet flavors to practically any dish, Chung Jung One has created 3 distinct products for your variety of needs, including: Chung Jung One’s Gochujang Korean Chili Sauce, Ketchup and Miso Dipping Sauce.


Vegan and gluten-free, the Korean Sauces by Chung Jung One product’s are a mix of fermentation with a natural balance of salty and sweet, thanks to the additions of sea salt and cane sugar. However, there are several ingredients that I try to keep out of my daily repertoire, including such things as Carragenean, Corn Starch, Dextrin, Modified Starch and Rice Syrup. So, if you also prefer to stay away from these ingredients as well, then these products aren’t for you.


Gochujang has been a Korean household staple for centuries, with its first use in Korea traced to the late 18th century. Traditionally fermented over years in large earthen pots outdoors, Chung Jung One has already been producing Gochujang for several decades. Chung Jung One’s new take on Gochujang launches the Korean chili sauce for the mainstream consumer, all while preserving the umami flavor that comes from the product’s fermentation process.

Award-winning Chef Edward Lee—owner of 610 Magnolia and MilkWood restaurants in Louisville, KY, and author of Smoke & Pickles—served as product consultant during the creation process of Chung Jung One’s Gochujang Korean Chili Sauce. To develop the flavor profile, Lee traveled to Korea to taste the sauce varieties, working closely with the food development, marketing, and corporate teams to cook with and taste the product in a variety of foods.


Chung Jung One’s Gochujang Sauces are available on Amazon, and at Central Markets across Texas.


A household sauce in many Korean homes, Gochujang has long been a popular condiment. However, depending on how it’s made, it hasn’t always been the healthiest. Thankfully, Chung Jung One has figured out a way to make it both Vegan and Gluten-free, all while maintaining the authentic flavors that every body has come to love.

Great for marinating meats and veggies, adding flavor to stews and soups, or simply used as a hot sauce condiment, all 3 varieties of Chung Jung One’s make cooking authentic Korean dishes easier than ever.

And while I do really like the flavors, I personally wish that some of the ingredients would be swapped out for healthier options. However, in moderation, these sauces really aren’t too shabby – especially when compared to many of their traditional predecessors. So with that said, if you’re a lover of different cuisines, than these Gochujang Sauces are worth giving a shot.

For more information about Chung Jung One’s Gochujang Sauces, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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