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Buff Bake Review

Buff Bake Review

High-Protein Cookies that Can Be Enjoyed Any Time of Day

It should be no surprise that people are trying to get their nutrients wherever they can these days. From various waters and beverages to pastas and cereals, protein, fiber and various antioxidants are being loaded into every food you can imagine. So why not in cookies? The founders of Buff Bake asked themselves the same thing and is why they now have a line of protein-packed cookies that will help fill you up and satisfy sweet cravings without weighing you down!

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For Moms, Moms-To-Be and Toddlers 2 Years+


At Buff Bake, they have made it their mission to help people “find the balance of where FUN meets FUNCTION. [Their] clean ingredients, including Hormone Free Whey Protein, help you step up your snacking game while doing what’s right for your body.” With a whole line of soft-baked Protein-packed Cookies, as well as snack-sized, crunchy Sandwich Cookies, these gluten-free, high-protein snacks are made will all-natural ingredients and come in tons of yummy flavors to help curb all your sweet and sugary cravings in a much healthier way.

Protein Cookies:

With 16g of protein per [full] cookie, these gluten free, high-fiber, all-natural, protein-packed treats are a great alternative to your high-calorie, low-nutrient cookie that most people are used to snacking on. Available in 6 flavors, including: Birthday Cake, Chocolate Donut, Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Classic Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Peanut Butter, if you’re looking for a healthier cookie alternative, these soft-baked cookies just may be it!

Please be aware though that each giant cookie contains 2-servings, so you’ll want to double all the nutrients on the back if you plan on eating the whole thing – which means you’ll be eating quite a bit of sugar if that’s what you’re going to do…

Sandwich Cookies:

Buff Bake’s newest addition is their line of Protein Sandwich Cookies! Using their signature spreads sandwiched between two crunchy cookies, these are a snack-sized option to their traditional Protein Cookies, and yet contain a good amount of protein to help satisfy those hard to curb cravings. With NO artificial preservatives, sweeteners or flavorings, you can find Buff Bake’s Sandwich Cookies in the following 5 flavors: Birthday Cake, Sweet & Salty, Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cup and Snickerdoodle.

With 1 container being a complete serving, you are getting more protein per serving, as compared to Buff Bake’s bigger Protein Cookies, although you will also get more sugar grams and much less fiber in these snack-sized crunchy morsels.

*Compared to many protein bars and cookies on the market, Buff Bake actually doesn’t contain as much sugar as the majority of them do. However, I still wouldn’t advise giving a full serving of Buff Bake to a very young child – it’s just too much sugar for such a little body. It also contains whey – a dairy product – and many children (and adults for that matter) don’t handle dairy well, so that’s another reason I’d avoid giving these cookies to children under 18-24 months. However, if you consider this a special occasion treat, as opposed to an every day occurrence, they are filled with lots of protein, fiber, and healthy fats – not something the majority of cookies and treats can say. Even giving them a couple bites or a small piece here or there (again, as a treat), is completely fine and better than most. J


Buff Bake was founded in February of 2014, in Newport Beach, CA by cousins Ashley and Brittany Boeckle. On a mission to create a line of protein enhanced Nut Butters & Cookies, their goal as a brand was to develop products that supported their interests in being fit and eating healthy.

What started out at the local farmers markets has since developed into a worldwide-distributed brand. With multiple flavors and lines to choose from, Buff Bake doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.


Buff Bake products are available on their Online Store, or check out their Store Locator to find the location that sells them nearest you.


Buff Bake is all about finding the balance of “where FUN meets FUNCTION”. Made with clean ingredients, including Hormone-Free Whey Protein, they will help you step up your snacking game while doing something better for your body.

Gluten-free, all-natural and made without the use of any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, if you are looking for a healthier cookie alternative, Buff Bake may just be it! Available in a wide variety of flavors, as well as both crunchy and soft assortments, if you don’t mind eating whey, than these protein-packed cookies are worth giving a shot.

And while eating a whole cookie will definitely up your sugar grams count for the day, if you go with the ½ a cookie [serving-size] for the Original Protein Cookie, or maybe just 1 or 2 of the littler Sandwich Cookies, than you really don’t have too much to worry about. Plus, you’ll be getting a healthy dose of protein in both options, as well as a good amount of fiber (if you choose the Original Protein Cookie variety).

Looking for a gluten-free, protein-packed cookie that will satisfy your sweet tooth while not devastating your waistline? Then try the products by Buff Bake. Because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle – so why not take one today?!

For more information about Buff Bake, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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