Bixbee Review: Backpack and Lunchbox Sets that are Super Cute, Spacious and Ergonomically Designed

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Bixbee Review: Backpack and Lunchbox Sets that are Super Cute, Spacious and Ergonomically Designed

Bixbee Review: Backpack and Lunchbox Sets that are Super Cute, Spacious and Ergonomically Designed

I know it’s not just me that wonders how a tiny child can need so much stuff! From the time they are newborns until well into their school-age years, the amount of snacks, diapers, extra changes of clothes, etc. is just crazy! Now add to that the notion of having to feed your child a more “tailored diet” (if they have allergies, intolerances, etc.) and the amount of food alone can easily double! Thankfully Bixbee has created a whole line of backpacks and lunchboxes that will not only handle all of your kids’ stuff, but will entice them to carry it all around too – because they are so ridiculously cute!

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For Toddlers & Kids 2 Years+* (although Moms can use them as diaper bags too!)


Bixbee is a kid’s line of products that includes backpacks, lunchboxes and even duffle bags (although those will be reviewed at a later date). The lunchboxes currently come in one size and the backpacks are available in three: and can be chosen based upon your child’s height/weight; and are recommended for kids ages 3+*. All of Bixbee’s products also come in a multitude of colors and patterns so a toddler all the way up through their early teens will be able to express their individuality through these pieces while helping to carry their own endless requirement for snacks, sports’ gear, etc.

Bixbee lunchboxes

Whether you want to purchase a backpack and lunchbox set, or prefer to buy the pieces individually, the products are all reasonably priced (especially during their SALES) and come with a customizable ID holder under the flap so your child will know it’s theirs. They are also super easy to clean thanks to the wipeable material used, and everything Bixbee makes is tested BPA, PVC, phthalate and lead free as well – all of which are a huge plus for us as parents!

Finally, and probably most importantly, Bixbee is a B-Corporation (meaning they use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.) Ever since starting the company it has been their mission to help equip kids all over the world with tools they need to attain an education – and through the non-profit Schoolbags for Kids they do just that!

*My daughter is not quite 2 ½ and can carry their smallest backpack and lunchbox around just fine, although Bixbee’s website does mention they are for children ages 3+, so keep that in mind.

Bixbee backpack for 2 year old


The backpacks designed by Bixbee were created in such a way to specifically tailor towards a child’s unique measurements. In fact, their horizontal design is patented and was developed for the contents to be carried at waist level, keeping the pressure off of kids’ shoulders and lower back – a problem I remember all too well as a young backpack carrier.

Coming in at a mere 1.3 lbs, these lightweight, comfortable and durable backpacks also have loads of handy pockets (5 on the outside; 7 on the inside, to be exact), as well as contoured air-mesh adjustable shoulder straps with a sliding sternum strap to help distribute the horizontal load more evenly over the shoulders. The larger sizes can also hold a tablet (medium) or laptop (large), and are extra padded to protect from drops, bumps and scrapes.

Bixbee size chart


In 2010 Bixbee co-founder, Luis Garcia, hopped on a plane to spend five months exploring new places and volunteering with kids in developing countries. Luis had recently hit 40, and, after two decades designing products for luxury brands such as Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and Sephora, he wanted to do something with his life that would make a lasting impact.

During his journey, he spent time in schools and orphanages in the world’s poorest countries—India, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. While at an orphanage in India, Luis handed out pencils to a classroom of excited students.

Their enthusiasm about something so simple, something we take for granted, made a deep impression on him. Luis realized the children he met throughout his journey were like millions of others around the world, eager for an education but lacking basic supplies.

Luis returned to San Francisco determined to help. Armed with a background in product design and development and a mission, Luis partnered with Kalon Gutierrez to launch Schoolbags for Kids—a line of lightweight, ergonomic and fashionable backpacks for kids.

Today as Bixbee, they are making unique bags and accessories for kids all while using their social impact to help kids around the world through One Here. One There.® Of course, moms and kids love their eye-catching and functional designs, but they also love knowing they’re part of a movement, making a difference by giving a child they’ve never met a chance at a better education.


Bixbee backbacks range from $29.99-$49.99, although they are currently on SALE for as low as $15.00! Their lunchboxes range in price from $17.99-$19.99, although these too are currently on SALE for as little as $9.00!


You can purchase Bixbee backpacks and lunchboxes via their Online Store.


When I first saw Bixbee I fell in love with their designs and agronomical shape! Not only do they make spacious lunchboxes and backpacks that are available in three different sizes – based on your child’s height/weight – every single color and pattern is so vibrant and unique that you can’t help but want to buy multiple pieces for your kids, for gifts, and even for yourself  [to tote around more of their stuff J].

Whether you want to purchase a backpack and lunchbox set or prefer to buy the pieces individually, their products are also reasonably priced, and of very good quality, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart in a couple of months.

However, my favorite part about this company is that Bixbee was started out of the love of helping other children! For every designer backpack they sell, they donate a schoolbag and supplies to a kid in need through their One Here. One There.® program. In fact, they have donated thousands of supply-filled bags over the years and with your help, will continue to do even more!

Looking for a way to help other kids in need all while helping your own children tote  around their own healthy snacks and soccer gear?! Then you should definitely check out the products by Bixbee: because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle – for both you and others – so why not take one today?!

And as an FYI: Bixbee is currently having a HUGE SALE on tons of their products now through the end of the year, so grab them while they’re still available!

For more information about Bixbee, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

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