Bagby Review: An Innovative Way to Put Down Your Phone and Enjoy Those Around You

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Bagby Review: An Innovative Way to Put Down Your Phone and Enjoy Those Around You

Bagby Review: An Innovative Way to Put Down Your Phone and Enjoy Those Around You

I do understand why phones have become such a necessity these days and why the majority of people carry them around 24/7, but what still gets to me is the fact that there’s actually the need to tell people to put down their phones and listen to what [I’m/your] saying (aka, have a conversation) – I mean, I’m standing right here! And that’s where Bagby steps in; to try and change all that.

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Bagby is the world's first smartphone sleeping bag to help people reconnect in a more mindful way. Bagby is a non-tech solution handmade in a small workshop in Argentina. What started with the belief that people, especially couples, are increasingly disconnected from each other because of their technology overuse, has spawned into a business where putting your phone down and enjoying those around you is what makes it successful.

Originally designed to keep your phone in at night while in your bedroom, Bagby has also come up with a stand-up bag that they call “Living & Chilling” and a Bagby Social for those moments when everyone has a phone that should be put away (ie, a dinner party, during Yoga, etc.).


With a rustic appearance and available in a multitude of colors to match practically any décor, Bagby was made for the men and/or women in your life – so you both can stay connected in a more personal way! The bag even has a hole for your plug so that you don’t have to worry about not charging your phone while it’s sleeping. The full Bagby pack also comes with an alarm clock, since many people currently set their phones as an alarm – and use this as an excuse why they need their phones next to them in bed.



Realizing that technology was becoming more and more of a problem in their own lives is why Juan (Co-Founder of Bagby) and his wife, Noor, the other Co-Founder, started a Phone-Free Bedroom Challenge last January. Through this, they discovered the benefits this simple change in behavior could bring and decided to create Bagby. For them, their Phone-Free Bedroom allowed them to:

  • Fell asleep faster and better
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Improved mood in the morning
  • Had sweeter dreams
  • Increased intimate moments with one another

Here is the video that tells the full story (It’s only 2+ min):


Did you know?

  • Nearly two-thirds of people surveyed say they agree that taking an occasional digital detox is good for their mental health (APA, 2017)
  • 40% of couples aged 18-55 said they delayed sex with a partner because of using some kind of technology (Durex, 2015)

This just goes to show, there is a big trend around our reliance and addiction to technology that is heavily distracting and taking us away from a more mindful path.

Whether you want to admit to it or not, always being on your phone can really have some life altering consequences – especially if you are on it 24/7 and aren’t giving your real-life relationships the time of day… Ummmhmmm, you know who you are ;)  I even wrote two articles recently about Cutting Back on Technology and Turning off Your Cell Phone - because I really think it’s that big of an issue!


You can purchase Bagby through their Indiegogo campaign, HERE.


It’s amazing that the piece of technology that was created to make communicating easier has actually made it more difficult (in the sense that face-to-face communication is hard to come by these days). Moreover, many people rather text than talk – which just goes to show you how far we’ve gotten away from actually speaking with each other…

From not living in the moment or communicating with your significant other, to not sleeping well at night, being on your phone all the time really can – and will – affect your every day life, and not for the better!

The Co-founders at Bagby realized this and is why they came up with this idea of making it a habit of putting your phones in the Bagby before going into your room at night so that it’s no longer a distraction. They’ve even expanded their product lines to include Bagby’s for your living room and social gatherings so you don’t have the excuse that your phone was “just there” so you were looking at it.


And while I understand that having people break-up with their phones isn’t something that will come easily, or is necessarily something they even want to do, even putting it away for a couple minutes before going to bed – and then not getting it again until morning – will do wonders on your sleep and your intimate life. Don’t believe me? Try it!

Because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle – so why not take one today?!

For more information about Bagby, please visit their website and check them out on Indiegogo, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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