Anita Maternity and Nursing Swimwear and Lingerie Review

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Anita Maternity and Nursing Swimwear and Lingerie Review

Anita Maternity and Nursing Swimwear and Lingerie Review

Because Moms Deserve to Feel Sexy and Fashionable Too!

I think being a Mom – especially a pregnant one – is one of the sexiest times of our lives as woman. Not only are we curvy (in all the right places), we are also making a human life! Everything we do is for this growing baby and we deserve to feel sexy and fashionable too – even though we may not always view ourselves that way! So step in Anita and their lines of Maternity and Nursing Swimwear and Lingerie! Not only will you feel beautiful wearing it, you will look gorgeous too!

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For Moms and Moms-to-be


At Anita, they know that being a pregnant and/or nursing mom can be tough on our bodies and often makes us women feel anything but sexy. Thankfully though, they have come up with lines of bras, lingerie and swimwear to address all of these issues, making us woman feel as sexy as possible while still supporting us in all the right places.

Made using the finest materials, the Anita teams’ focus is on striking the perfect balance between a variety of factors, including: colors and patterns, lace and embroidery, bands and edging, and most importantly, comfort and usability. They believe that new trends, years of experience, technical expertise and a passion for beauty all make for a high-quality bra that shouldn’t just sit where it should, but must be elegant and attractive, as well.

  • Maternity & Nursing: Anita covers all three stages of pregnancy and provides high quality products to support new and expecting mothers. Not only do their Maternity Bras expand and grow with your body to accommodate the changes your breasts will endeavor during and after pregnancy, they are also gorgeous and comfortable – two things that most maternity and nursing bras almost never are! Moreover, their Nursing Bras give you support, a secure feeling, form a beautiful outline and make breastfeeding as easy as possible – again, things you don’t often find with Nursing-wear.
  • Postpartum:  Growth and additional weight provide stress to the body. To support the regeneration of your body, Anita Maternity offers various solutions. With their ReBelt Pants, Babybelt and Shapewear, these products will help to strengthen and conceal stretched tissue to promote a fast and safe recovery. 
  • Maternity Swimwear:  Available in a wide variety of colors, trending patterns, sophisticated details and flattering designs, Anita’s Maternity Swimwear collection has something for every mom-to-be, no matter the shape or size of your bump (and breasts)! Available in styles for curvier and larger figures as well, you can choose from Cup size A to I.

maternity swimwear


It all began in Dresden back in 1886 when Ernst Max Helbig, great-grandfather of today's owner, Georg Weber-Unger, first set up the company. In the early years they produced elastic braces and heavy, yet also elastic, body belts. Although it sounds super uncomfortable, men and women were rather heavyset back then, which meant these types of articles were highly sought after.

Through wars and bombings and several generations of family running Anita, the company began recognizing the potential in creating special "nursing bras" and in designing special underwear and swimwear for pregnant women. They also saw the need for special articles to support women who had undergone breast surgery. This is what began to form the brand to what it is today.

Expanding beyond Germany around 1990, sales and distribution branches were quickly established in France, England, Switzerland and Holland, while the company set up its own production sites in Austria, the Czech Republic and Portugal. Sales and distribution branches were eventually established in the USA, Portugal, Belgium, Spain and Poland, as well, and the company began investing in Asia, establishing its own production branches in Thailand and Myanmar. Acquisition of Italian and Canadian importers has been the latest venture, with the founding of ANITA companies at the head.

More about the company: As a 100% family-owned company, ANITA takes a different approach: it owns all of its production sites and operates these plants in accordance with the highest European standards under the management of their own staff.

Whether in Germany, Portugal, Austria, the Czech Republic, Thailand or Myanmar, their sites offer and ensure the best conditions at all times. They place extremely high demands on the level of quality in their workplaces, especially in the developing countries Thailand and Myanmar.

Therefore, their products are not only of the highest quality, but Anita also buys the majority of their raw materials from specialist businesses in Europe. Happy employees and highest quality products are their reward.


You can purchase Anita Maternity, Nursing and Swimwear at numerous retailers nation (and world-) wide. Please check out their Store Locator to learn more.


Being a Mom-to-be is all about sacrificing your body for that of your [soon-to-be] infant’s. The same can be said while nursing. Not only do your breasts get stretched out, they can often feel sore, lopsided and downright uncomfortable. With all of this, it’s often hard to feel even remotely sexy, let alone feeling like you want to prance around in a bathing suit or lingerie!

But now, these can all be feelings of the past thanks to Anita!

As the designer of some of the most beautiful and elegant Maternity and Nursing Bras I have ever seen, it’s safe to say that they are also some of the most comfortable! Whether you are looking for a bra that helps flatter, support, or just plain hold those puppies up, Anita has something to fit both your fashion- and lifestyle! They also have amazingly comfortable maternity swimwear that is designed to grow with your increasing bump – and will even help you hide some of the “leftovers” in the transitional 4th Trimester, as it is often referred.

I honestly couldn’t be happier with the products I’ve tried from Anita, thus far, and am looking forward to when baby gets here to try their Nursing Bras and Postpartum “belts” and Shapewear, as well! So stay tuned for more!

Are you pregnant or nursing, or just plain looking for a comfy and fashionable bra that you can wear year-round?! Then look no further than the products from Anita! Because it’s those small steps that make healthy [and fashionable] living a lifestyle – so why not take one today?!

For more information about Anita, please visit their website and check them out on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

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