5 Great Ways to Keep You and Your Dog Happy

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5 Great Ways to Keep You and Your Dog Happy

5 Great Ways to Keep You and Your Dog Happy
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This truly has been the year of the dog, as you can see by the vacancy at shelters and uprising in neighborhood puppies! Heck, we just got a new puppy too, making us the proud parents of one [nearly] 13-year old Maltese, and a 2-month old Vizsla!

With dogs come great responsibility though, especially when they are so little! They are truly like babies in that you can’t take your eyes off them for a minute, they are constantly crying and needing your attention, they teeth, and they like to go to the bathroom everywhere! Oh, but puppies run around so you’re constantly chasing them too – something babies, fortunately, don’t do! Haha.

With that said, I am so happy to have discovered (thanks to Babbleboxx), all of these great products to make my life as a #dogmom just a little bit easier! So here you have it:

1) Pumpkin Dog Treats from Fruitables

You know I’m all about healthy eating – and it doesn’t stop when it comes to my dogs!

Fruitables® is all about harvest fresh ingredients that provide just the right kind of nutrition for your four-legged friends! Filled with superfoods and low in calories too, both our dogs can’t get enough! And with two great fall flavors, including Fruitables Pumpkin Spice Skinny Minis and Fruitables Pumpkin & Cranberry Baked Treats, I wish they made them for humans too!

Check out https://fruitablespet.com for more!

2) Stain & Odor Remover from Kids n’ Pets

If you have kids, you know they are going to be messy! But if you have dogs, you know the messes might be even worse! Trust me – I have both! Haha. But in all seriousness, both “animals” create the worst sort of stains, and finding a non-toxic cleaner that actually works can be practically impossible – and is why I have come to love Kids ‘n’ Pets All-Purpose Stain and Odor Remover!

Not only does this product smell great, it is also filled with natural enzymes that break down biodegradable messes like grass stains, coffee, urine, perspiration, blood, feces, and more! And best of all, you just spray and walk away!

Learn more about it here: https://www.scottsliquidgold.com/kids-n-pets-products/ and purchase at Walmart or Home Depot.

3) FloorRover Dash from Eureka

When you have pets, whether they shed or not, your floors are going to get dirty – and is why a good vacuum is a must! After trying multiple brands (even very expensive ones!), I’ve got to admit that the powerful FloorRover Dash is probably my favorite! This super lightweight Eureka upright vacuum is great for deep cleaning on carpets and hard floors with its effective suction, multi-cyclone filtration system and a HEPA filter for an allergy-free, truly deep clean.

Available at Walmart for only $159, you can’t go wrong!

4) Disinfecting Wipes from LemiShine

Never has there been a time that disinfectant wipes are more prevalent – and I’m just talking about in my house! Lol. With that said, I know the whole world can feel me on this! However, I rather use nothing than ones filled with bleach and other chemicals, and is why I’m so happy to have found these disinfectant wipes by LemiShine!

In fact, Lemi Shine’s newly formulated disinfecting wipes are bleach-free and formulated with plant-based ingredients, including citric acid. Better yet, they kill 99.9% of surface germs and viruses and are effective against SARS Cov-2, the cause of COVID-19.

Available at both HEB and Kroger, you can learn more about these eco-friendly cleaning products, here: https://lemishine.com/.

5) iDig from iFetch

You think you’ve been getting stir-crazy inside from COVID, how about your dog?! Yes, you can take them for walks, but the majority of dogs have tons of energy – especially when they’re young! And while I’d love to entertain my puppy all day, I simply can’t – and is why I think the iDig from iFetch is genius!

Developed to engage a dog both physically and mentally, you can hide treats or toys in the various 3 layers and give your dog a positive outlet for their innate desire to dig. And best of all, it keeps dogs entertained and tires them out, so you don’t have to!

I’ll have to be honest here, I didn’t think it would work, but even our 9-week old puppy loves using it and definitely wears himself out – which if you know a Vizsla, is hard to do!

If you want to learn more, you can watch the promo video and/or the instructional video! You can also use the code BABBLE15 for 15% off an iDig digging toy (either the iDig Stay or the iDig Go) at goifetch.com.

I also included a super cute video of Kobe (our Vizsla puppy) using the iDig on my Instagram stories (and linked in my Highlights), so be sure to check it out!



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