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Apricot Power: Using the Power of Apricot Seeds to Help Combat Cancer, Arthritis, and Other Skin and Health Issues

Posted by Jessica Boscarini on Friday, June 26, 2015 Under: Food Reviews


Summer is definitely my favorite time of year. Not only do I love the beautiful clear skies and the warm evening breezes but one of the biggest reasons I love this time of year is the fruit! From watermelon and strawberries to peaches and mangos, my fruit consumption is definitely at an all time high during these blissful few months.

Besides the delicious tastes of these juicy foods, the fact that they are loaded with so many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants also makes them a huge sell in my book. But did you know that the seeds of some of these fruits can have even more healthy properties than the flesh itself?

Take apricots, for example. These tiny little seeds contain some of the highest amounts of Vitamin B-17 that you can get, and with the products from Apricot Power, you can make sure you consume just the right amounts with their wide-array of delicious products. Plus, they even make creams so your skin can get a healthy dose of this super vitamin as well.

Vitamin B-17 is an important nutrient that is gaining attention for its cancer-fighting abilities. Though conclusive evidence has not been presented, B-17 has been used in cancer treatments since the 1800s, and is also said to help reduce arthritic pain (please see NUTRITION-WISE below for more in-depth details).

Containing approximately 20mg of B17 in each apricot seed, the products you buy from Apricot Power really are the best. These bitter seeds – which are how you know you are consuming a quality product – are straight from the current season’s crop of California grown apricots. This is compared to the majority of apricot seeds you will find that come from overseas sources and have been sitting in giant warehouses for years before they ever arrive to you.

Besides carrying whole apricot seeds, Apricot Power also has a long list of other B-17 infused products, including chocolate bars and creams. Filled with bitter raw apricot seeds and dried apricots, their delicious dark chocolate bar really is the tastiest way to get natural B-17 in your diet. Plus, their B-17 Skin Cream, which includes grapefruit seed extract, aloe vera gel, and coconut oil not only helps to promote your skins healthy microbial balance, it also has soothing properties that promote your body's healthy inflammatory response and helps to promote moisture retention and help maintain skin health during times of sun exposure.

NUTRITION-WISE: Apricot kernels, followed by bitter almonds, contain the highest amount of B-17 that can naturally be found in foods. Also known as Amygdaline, B-17 is a glycoside, meaning it bonds to other nutrients through sugar. The extracted version of B-17 is called laetrile, a substance used to help cancer patients fight diseased cells. B-17 does this through the creation of hydrogen cyanide, which is released into the body's tissues. This compound then attacks and subsequently destroys cancer cells. It is not used alone, however, but rather in conjunction with other important processes that involve enzymes, a diet that favors anti-carcinogenic foods, and exercise. Clinical tests have shown that B-17 reacts well with vitamins A, C, E, B-15, pancreatic enzymes and other nutrients in order to break down malignant cells.

B-17 is also touted as being able to reduce arthritic pain. It has been shown to lower high blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, and generally contribute to maintaining good health. As with most nutrients, it is best to consume B-17 as a part of those foods that contain it, and is why apricot seeds are such a great source.

You should also be aware that some people can be sensitive to B-17, whereby they experience side effects such as weakness or headache. Drinking lemon, orange, grapefruit or grape juice will usually alleviate these symptoms right away. You can also take hydrochloric acid to prevent a reaction, if you prefer.

*Consumption quantities of apricot seeds vary from person to person, depending on their needs, and is why it is best to start off with a mere 1 apricot seed per day and build up from there, consuming 6-10 seeds over the course of 24 hours. Furthermore, since these products are very potent, I would suggest keeping them away from children due to the possibility of headaches, dizziness and upset stomachs. However, a couple bites of a Apricot Power chocolate bar, or other Apricot Power product is certainly not going to do them any harm, although it’s just always best to veer on the side of caution.

With all that said, I would also recommend consulting with your naturopath, homeopathic physician, kinesiologist or physician of choice before starting on a apricot seed regime, and remember to always start with a small amount and slowly move to a higher amount, if desired. Furthermore, Apricot Power does not make any claims that its products cure, treat or prevent any disease.

WHERE TO BUY: You can conveniently purchase Apricot Power products directly from their Online Store, or to find the retail location that sells them nearest you, please visit their Store Locator.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Not being too familiar with the nutrition facts of Vitamin B-17 until I met the owners of Apricot Power at Expo West 2015, I’ve got to say that I was pretty amazed with all the benefits that the tiny apricot seed contains. From cancer-fighting to helping with arthritic pain, these little seeds really do pack a major punch in the world of health and nutrition.

Plus, after learning more about Apricot Power as a company, and checking out several products from their line, I have also been impressed with what they have to offer, including their Dark Chocolate Apricot Bars and their B-17 Skin Cream. These tasty and delicious bars make it easy to get your B-17 fix, and their smooth and silky skin cream helps your face feel fantastic, especially after a long day in the sun.

So if you yourself are fighting cancer, or just want to use B-17 as a preventative measure, than you should definitely try out the products from Apricot Power and see for yourself how beneficial these tiny little apricot seeds can be!

To learn more about Apricot Power please visit their website and check them out on Facebook.

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