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18 Rabbits: Granola and Granola-based Bars for Both You and Your Little Ones

Posted by Jessica Boscarini on Monday, May 19, 2014 Under: Food Reviews



Granola is one of those foods that has gotten a bad rap over the years. From being a food that only “crunchy” people eat to one that is not really good for you at all – thanks to all of the added sugars, chocolate, etc. that brands throw in there to make it more appealing – it seems that granola is one of those foods that you either like, or you don’t.

I personally [used] to fall in the later category due to all of the added sugars and high amounts of calories that you generally find in granola. And when it comes to the bars, the same things generally seem to apply – high sugar, high calories, no thank you…

That is until I learned about companies like 18 Rabbits and their line of Granola, Granola-based bars, and Jr. Bars. Uniquely delicious, if you’re a fan of oats, you’ll be a fan of 18 Rabbits.

18 Rabbits is an Organic granola-based company that makes Granola, granola-based bars, and Jr. Bars. Made using Certified Organic Oats, and only sweetened with a little bit of unrefined sugars from honey and/or maple syrup, 18 Rabbits foods are filled with superfoods and are not only delicious, but make several products that are allergen-friendly so everyone can enjoy them.

With 3 kinds of granola, 4 flavors of granola bars and 4 Jr. Bars, 18 Rabbits has a product for almost every taste and every age.


  1. Gracious Granola: Pecan, Almond, Maple & Coconut
  2. Felicitas Granola: Chia, Sunflower Seeds, Honey & Cherries
  3. Veritas Granola: Hazelnut, Walnut, Cacao Nib & Flaxseed
  1. Cherry, Dark Chocolate & Almond
  2. Date, Pecan & Coconut
  3. Apricot, Walnut & Coconut
  4. Fig, Cranberry, & Hazelnut
Jr. Bars:
  1. Chocolate Cherry
  2. Chocolate Banana
  3. Mango Strawberry
  4. Cranberry Apricot

NUTRITION-WISE: Granolas tend to have a lot of sugar, and is why I tend to avoid them. They generally have lots of fat and other unnecessary “fillers” as well, so I’ve never even really been tempted.

However, 18 Rabbits is different. Sweetened with only a few grams of maple syrup and honey, these natural unrefined sugars have less impact on blood sugar levels compared to your typical refined versions. Plus, as far as total sugar content, 18 Rabbits has less sugar per serving than any other granola on the market.

And as far as fats go, 18 Rabbits contains only a modest amount of unsaturated fat, or ’healthy fats’. These fats have the ability to decrease cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. They also contain a bit of saturated fat, which comes from organic, unsweetened coconut; actually helping to raise levels of good cholesterol and has even been proven to be successful in helping to achieve and maintain healthy weight. Additionally, 18 Rabbits foods are high in fiber and protein, helping you control your cravings and keep you satisfied.

And when it comes to allergens, all of their bars are wheat and wheat-derivative free. However, their oats may have been milled on the same equipment as wheat and therefore, cannot be considered gluten-free. Also, some of their granolas (and bars) do contain milk products, so if you avoid dairy, make sure to read the ingredients’ list. [The Felicitas Granola is vegan and completely dairy-free, as are the Jr. Bars. They are also nut-free.] Oh, and all their products are non-GMO too!

For a list of 18 Rabbits retailers, please check out their Store Locator [you need to scroll down the page a bit].

I’ll be the first to admit that granola – and most granola-based products – don’t really do much to impress me. Usually too sweet, too fattening, and with too many unnecessary calories, there are a lot of other foods that I much rather eat than oats and “fillers”.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when I first came across 18 Rabbits and their line of Granolas, Bars, and Jr. Bars. With multiple flavors, all of which are relatively low in sugars, fats, and calories, 18 Rabbits products are not only great for adults, but for your busy little ones as well.

Just be aware if you have allergies though, because many of their products do contain dairy, nuts, and are not officially Certified Gluten-free (although they do not actually contain wheat). And with their line of Jr. Bars, which are allergen-friendly, you can pretty much find something for everyone no matter what their taste preference, or age*.

To learn more about 18 Rabbits and to try them out for yourself, please visit their
website and check them out on Facebook.

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*Since Granola is pretty crunchy, it’s best if your child has a pretty full set of teeth. Kaston is only 17 months, and can eat it just fine (as seen in the picture), but the 2+ distinction is really just to steer you on the side of caution.

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