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Putting Things in Perspective

Putting Things in Perspective

The science behind having children that changes your world views

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About the Author

Founder - Jessica Boscarini

Ever since a young child, Jessica has always wanted to be a mom. From helping in the church daycare, to babysitting for anyone and everyone she could, Jessica has always felt like being a mom was what she was meant to do. However, she also grew up being extremely ambitious, and being a business woman and entrepreneur has been right up there the whole time, as well.

Graduating in Business Management and then receiving her Master's in Holistic Nutrition, Jessica also became Certified as a Personal Chef and Personal Fitness Trainer, eventually founding her own Personal Chef and Nutritional Consulting Company - The Guiltless Gourmet, LLC. - in 2009. She then created an offshoot of The Guiltless Gourmet, called OC Food and Fitness in 2011 where she focused on the Nutritional Lifestyle aspect of things, incorporating fitness into client's everyday routines, as well.

As 2012 continued to bring success, something amazing happened: Jessica found out she was pregnant and had her son, Kaston Anthony in December 2012. Having dreamed of this her whole life, she knew that it was time to bring her two passions together - health and motherhood - and thus, Healthy. Fit Fab. Moms-cierge was created.

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