overflowing freezer of milk

This is one of 3 freezers we have that is overloaded with milk. 


There is nothing more gratifying than being able to nurse your baby, holding her helpless body and gazing into her longing eyes as she roots and begs for your milk. She is instantly calmed as her cheeks begin to fill and her tummy becomes content. Her eyes begin to glaze over as milk slowly drips down her cheek. Shortly thereafter you have a perfectly satisfied baby who has fallen into a deep “milk-coma”, only briefly awaking to give you a little grin before drifting off again.

…or this is how it goes in theory. Unfortunately, not all of our experiences are quite like this. In fact, sometimes nursing can be downright awful, ranging from excruciatingly painful to having a baby that never seems to satisfy.

I myself was so afraid that I would fall into the later category, as things never seemed to come easy for me [when it comes to my body and all of its natural processes]. But boy was I surprised as my milk supply was ALWAYS there in full force, having my son gain an astonishing 4lbs in his first 4 weeks of life. Even the pediatrician said that I was “feeding too much” which supposedly was “not possible when it comes to nursing”… in all cases except for mine.

However, my over-abundant milk supply has turned into both a blessing and a curse. While I feel so blessed having always been able to feed my children on demand, never worrying if they are getting enough, I also have to be extremely careful as to how much they are actually gulping down, as too much leads to lots of throw-up, tummy troubles, and constant crying. I also am literally tied to my pump a good portion of the day, as I need to pump in-between every feeding (even having to wake up in the middle of the night) to insure that my little one isn’t going to engorge herself when the next feeding comes around.


While I do believe that there [must be] some sort of genetic factor that goes into milk supply issues – whether it be too much or too little – I will say that neither my mother or grandmother produced nearly as much as I do, so I’m not sure this is necessarily the case. I do know, however, that the more water I drink and the more fatty and protein-rich foods I eat throughout the day directly relate to my milk supply and how many additional ounces I pump throughout the day – whether that be a “mere” 25 ounces or up to 50+ (not including what I feed my daughter). The same can be said for those days where I do tons of cardio, walking, etc. – as I notice my supply is much less; due to the amount of calories I burn vs. the amount of food and water I drink.


Since I never expected to over-produce with my son, I had never looked into “what to do with an oversupply”, or what having a lot of extra milk even meant. However, I quickly learned that having 2 freezers full of frozen milk that would literally fall on the floor every time you opened the door was not normal, nor was it something that I, nor my husband, wanted to keep dealing with. So, I looked into “what to do with extra breastmilk” and eventually came across a site that is basically like a Craigslist for breastmilk.

To make a long story short, I posted an ad and eventually was contacted by a woman whose baby had a heart condition and wanted to purchase my milk. However, it took us both a while to find each other as there are many scammers out there in this “industry”, since it is not regulated and not something a lot of people ever even think of looking into to or dealing with. Having spoke over the phone and through quite a few emails, as well as her looking at my website and knowing that I am who I said I am, we decided to begin “working” with each other.

Now here we are, 2 ½ years later, and Jessica and I (yes, we have the same first name), are still super close and will forever feel connected by the experience we shared. To her, I helped save her baby as the Doctor’s contribute my breastmilk – thanks to the loads of healthy foods I eat – to the overall health of her son and why he is thriving the way that he is (read her Testimonial, here).

Having been able to help Jessica and her son is something I will never forget and makes me feel so honored to be a part of helping to literally save a life. Since I am once again, producing a very healthy supply of milk, I want nothing more than to do this for another family in need.

I believe that there is nothing greater than breastmilk for a baby and not only that, but the foods that the mother eats directly affect the quality of the breastmilk as everything that you literally eat and/or put on your body will go through your milk and help to nourish your baby.


As I stated above, having been able to help Jessica and her son is something I will never forget and makes me feel so honored to be a part of helping to save a life of a child in need. Since I am once again producing a very healthy supply of milk, I want nothing more than to do this for another family.

The site that I originally went through is full of scammers (I was shockingly contacted by a good handful of men… ewwww), and so I decided that in order to find a mother and her baby (or several, depending on the amounts of milk they need on a daily basis), that I will go where Moms are generally “hanging out”. And what better place then right here where Moms are looking to help their families live healthy, fit and fabulous lives!

So, if you are a Mom of a baby in need of breastmilk – whether that be because you can’t produce, your child is sick, has allergies to your milk, etc. – then you’ve come to the right place! I’d love to talk to you and help you give the best nutrition you can to your baby, right from the start!


I, and therefore my milk, is gluten free and dairy free, and does NOT contain ANY drugs (including prescription or OTC), preservatives, chemicals, artificial colors or flavors, etc. I only eat Wild-caught fish, and don’t eat any meats either. Rest assured your little one is getting some of the finest breastmilk out there and I have bloodwork and references [and can even take pics of my fridge/cupboards] if you'd like! I want you to be as confident as I am about my (your babies) milk because I know what a sensitive – and personal – subject this can be!


I currently charge $3/oz which may/may not include cost of shipping/meeting/delivery, etc. I am, however, very flexible with pricing and, thanks to my husband working in the shipping industry, can get you great deals on overnight shipping as well.

I’d love to help out a family on a continuous basis, but am also willing to make 1-time bulk shipments.

Again, please feel free to contact me and ask me any questions you may have as there is nothing better than feeling confident in what you are giving to your baby to help nurture them and develop into a healthy little [boy or girl]!


**As mentioned, I am ONLY looking to help out a Momma and her baby, no men, wet-nursing, etc. I know this seems like an unnecessary statement, but trust me, I have had some crazy people contact me!!