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Expo West 2015 – It’s Almost Here!

March 3, 2015

Is it just me or does it seem like this year is already flying by!? I mean, it’s already March and I have to admit that I’m still in denial that I’m more than half way done with marinating baby #2 (due in July)! However, the fact that it is March also means that Spring is almost here (this winter sure has been brutal!), and that it’s almost time for Expo West 2015 – my favorite event of the year!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Natural Products Expo West is the world’s largest tradeshow and conference for the natural, organic, and healthy lifestyle marketplace. And, with over 60,000 attendees last year, Expo West 2015 is supposed to be bigger than ever!

Spread out over 4 days and taking up the entire Anaheim Convention Center – and even expanding into the Hilton Convention Center this year – there is absolutely every type of food, merchandise, and health & wellness product that you can imagine! In short, it’s literally a 7th Heaven for me. With endless aisles of the latest and greatest products, finding enough time to cover it all is the hardest part, as is lugging around your infinite supply of samples (neither of which are really a bad thing ;).

Not only is Expo West my primary means of meeting companies to do reviews on, it also enables me to see up close what the latest and greatest food and wellness trends are in the health and nutrition industry. I can’t wait to attend this year’s Expo and am looking forward to sharing all of my great finds with all of you Moms and Moms-to-be in the upcoming year!

Stay tuned!

PS – Please let me know if there are any companies and/or types of products that you would really like to see get reviewed this year, because I am more than happy to try to scout them out for you and see what we can get done!


Moringa n’ Honey Crunchy Coconutty Granola Bars

March 3, 2015

PREP TIME: 10 mins

COOK TIME: 5 mins

TOTAL TIME: 15 mins

These healthy, no bake granola bars give you the perfect balance of sweet, crunchy texture. Made with Sunbutter, drizzled with Honey, and filled with a healthy portion of Pistachios and Coconut, not only are these bars deliciously satisfying, they will have you begging for more. Plus, the addition of the highly nutritious Moringa Powder will have you feeling good on both the inside and out!

10 bars


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Death to the New Year’s Resolution

January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!  Another year has just begun, as has another list of our New Year’s Resolutions.  For the majority of us it’s all the same: eat better, lose weight, exercise more, bla-bla-bla.  But then, come mid-February (and often earlier than that), our must-do, “this year I’m going to stick with it” plans, fall by the wayside and we fall right back into our old routine of “I’ll workout tomorrow” and “I’m only going to eat this way today.”

Why is thi...

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Demystifying Foods: Chia Seeds

September 23, 2014

7 Benefits of Chia Seeds That Will Make you add it to Your Menu

Until fairly recently, chia seeds were one of those health foods that I didn’t really know what to do with. I knew they were nutritious and supposedly extremely versatile, but the whole idea of them seemed kind of daunting. Luckily, I decided to buy a bag and started to experiment with them. Now, they are part of my go-to breakfast, and an every day recipe staple.

As a great source of healthy omega-3 fats, fibe...

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Babies’ First Smash Cake - Recipe

September 14, 2014

As a parent, a babies’ first birthday is one of the biggest events in your new families’ life. And this isn’t because your child has turned one and is “expecting” some big extravaganza. Rather, it is because you as a parent have “survived” their first year and all the poop-filled diapers, spit-up, and sleepless nights that goes along with it.

Obviously your child is not going to remember what you did, or didn’t do, to mark this day, and most likely, whoever end...
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Think Twice Before You Eat Rice - Arsenic in Your Food

June 29, 2014

Although this article was originally written over 1 ½ years ago, I am still receiving many questions about this issue and so, wanted to republish it below:

In a new report published last week [September 19th, 2012], the concern over arsenic in rice is causing Americans to think twice before they eat rice. Originally fueled by a study back in January that found high arsenic levels in apple and grape juice, rice is the next product to be succumbed to this “high arsenic” lab...

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Eating Fat, for Weightloss? The Benefits of Coconut Oil

June 25, 2014

I've recently received numerous questions about cooking oils and what the benefits of one over the other is. Well for those who know me, it's no surprise that coconut oil is one of the top on my list. From the way it tastes to its countless uses, coconut oil is not your typical fat.

Keep reading below for more info:

Fat has long been touted as our waistlines enemy. No matter what the source, all fats have pretty much been viewed the same – as the reason why we can no longe...

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On this Mother's Day: the Importance of Being a Mom

May 11, 2014


I’ve pretty much always been close with my Mom. From long road trips for my gymnastic meets, to rubbing my back I was sick in bed, my Mom was always there for me. And although I did go through a period where I thought I was “too cool” for the majority of her advice, I still took it to heart and would turn to her whenever I was feeling down or needed that extra reassurance.

However, I never truly understood the unconditional love that she had for me until I too became a Mom. From her...

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10 Ways to Slim Down Your Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo is another one of those holidays that we American’s have turned into an excuse to party. From chips and dips to cheese-filled entrees, Cinco de Mayo just isn’t the same if you don’t feel like you indulged – margaritas included!

But with summer just around the corner and so many of us trying to get into “summer shape”, can we really afford an all out binge? Or even if we aren’t trying to lose a couple extra pounds, do we really want to feel like we are busting at...

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Drinking Kombucha While Pregnant or Nursing

April 17, 2014


There’s been a lot of hype over kombucha the last several years. Going from an all out super drink to one that was banned from store shelves, many have gotten confused over whether or not this stuff is really good for them, or if its all just fluff. 

Dating back to the Asian cultures for over 2000+ years now, it’s safe to say that there is probably some truth behind the talk. I mean, Asians are some of the healthiest, longest-living people in the world ...

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