Tips On How To Manage Chronic Pain


Tips On How To Manage Chronic Pain

Tips On How To Manage Chronic Pain

Millions Of Americans Suffer From Chronic Pain. Here Are Some Tips On How To Manage It

Being in chronic pain can make life challenging, with many patients finding it tough to complete even basic tasks on bad days.

With 50 million Americans reporting chronic pain in 2018, and that number set to rise over the coming years as populations grow and new health issues arise, now more than ever it’s important that people learn how to live with this debilitating problem. Read on to find some tips on how to reduce the impact that chronic pain has on your life.

Identify the Cause of Your Pain

Some health problems, like back pain, can be a challenge for doctors to treat, but you should work with your healthcare professional to make sure that the pain is not the result of something more harmful. Whenever you notice a change in your pain, contact your doctor to make sure that they understand all of your symptoms and are able to provide you with the best treatment plan possible.

Visit a Chiropractor

Experienced chiropractors can help to reduce chronic pain by identifying the most problematic areas and focusing their treatments, which involve massage and manual manipulation of your body, there. You can start by visiting a few different practices online to see what information they have about their treatments to help make your decision a little easier. For instance, if you visit the website of the Aurora Chiropractic clinic De La Cruz Chiropractic, you’ll find a handy patient resource section that has information for new patients and Q&A’s. Reading this type of information beforehand will bring you peace of mind before you make that all-important visit.

Try Pilates or Another Form of Light Stretching Exercise

When done properly, Pilates or other stretching exercises can be used to treat a variety of types of chronic pain. By stretching, you can make your body more subtle and resilient, as well as reducing inflammation and other issues that could be causing your pain. Make sure that you work with a professional Pilates studio or a personal trainer who is experienced in supporting patients with chronic pain, so that you don’t injure yourself further, and instead reap all the benefits that stretching can give.

Deep Breathing and Meditation Can Draw Your Thoughts Away from the Pain

Thinking about your pain can worsen the impact it has on your life, so try to use techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness to take your mind off the pain and help you focus on something else. It might take time and effort to learn to draw your thoughts away from the pain but try to persevere if possible, as it could have a vast impact on your life. Even practicing for a few minutes every day could potentially help, so try to use these techniques during short periods of downtime, such as your commute, breaks or even just while you’re waiting in a line at the store.

Take Painkillers

Whilst some patients may find the idea of relying on painkillers to manage their chronic pain distasteful, it’s often the best way to keep your pain levels down and allow you to carry on with your life. Never be afraid to take painkillers if you need them. Follow the instructions on the packaging and never exceed the recommended dose to avoid doing damage to another part of your body. There are also many natural painkillers out there, so I always suggest using these before any over the counter or prescription remedies.

Apply Heat or Cold

Patients who aren’t keen on taking painkillers, or who are finding that they are not working effectively, should try applying heat or cold and pressure to the site of the pain. Heat and cold reduce pain in different ways; heat by soothing aches and cold by numbing pain and reducing inflammation, so choose the option that works best for you.

Chronic pain requires constant management, but by following these tips you can reduce the impact it has on your life and spend your time doing the things you love.


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