Springing into May – Mother’s Day is Right Around the Corner! (Hint, Hint)


Springing into May – Mother’s Day is Right Around the Corner! (Hint, Hint)

Springing into May – Mother’s Day is Right Around the Corner! (Hint, Hint)

April 27th Newsletter – 2018

Is it really almost the beginning of May?! Where is this year going?! I’m actually really happy about it. For one, that means that these weird cold spells have to be almost over and that warmer Spring weather is sure to stick around (one of these days in the near future)!

It also means that my pregnancy with Baby #3 is half way over and we get to meet the little bundle in the quickly approaching future! Speaking of, what a week it has been – pregnancy-wise. I’m not ready to share the story yet, but man is it a good one, if I do say so myself ;) [So stay-tuned for next week’s Newsletter if you’re curious!]

May also means that my son will be “graduating” from pre-school and that I’m about to have a Kindergartener on my hands. Oh, and Mother’s Day! We can’t forget about that! And no, it’s not because I’m wanting gifts or am in need of extra attention, but because I feel like it’s a time that Mother’s all over the nation get the recognition and appreciation that they deserve – from both family and strangers alike [even if only for a day]!

Being a Mom is tough stuff. It’s probably the hardest job out there and yet, one of the most underappreciated ones. Trust me, us fellow Moms understand and appreciate you! I can’t wait to celebrate my fellow Momma’s and let them know that they are loved – because your kids wouldn’t be what they are without you and doing your best [as a Mother] is all anyone can ask for. So stick with it! You’re doing great!!

Speaking of, I’m coming up with a Mother’s Day Guide that I’ll send out next week. Feel free to forward it to your significant other (as a hint-hint), or to get ideas to treat yourself – because as Moms, we don’t do that nearly enough J.

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