Smart Decor Tips that Make Small Rooms Appear Larger


Smart Decor Tips that Make Small Rooms Appear Larger

Smart Decor Tips that Make Small Rooms Appear Larger

One of the main concerns that most of the homeowners face today is that they have rooms with limited space which make them look cramped and crowded. They often find it difficult to arrange all the furniture items and furnishings properly in a small-sized apartment. From living rooms that have to accommodate a dining area, to bedrooms that are hardly big enough to fit a bed, a TV and a home office, fitting everything the homeowner needs into a small space certainly is not an easy task. In fact there are plenty of easy solutions available which will help make your small space look more appealing, increasingly utterly chic, multi-functional and aesthetically appealing, some of which are mentioned below.

Make the place clutter free

A small space can look and feel cramped and congested in case there is lots of unnecessary stuff within the space. You should ideally look for ways to get stuff out of sight. For instance, you can organize them at the back off the doors, on the shelves or on the table. Keep in mind that if things are arranged carefully and out of sight, the spaces that can be seen will look and feel open and orderly. Keep the floor as clutter free as possible. This is one of the most significant ways to maintain a sense of spaciousness. You can take out large rugs to give the illusion of more floor space.

Use light and neutral colors and smart contrasts

This is perhaps one of the most simple and easiest ways to make the room look spacious. It is a widely known fact that light colors can make a room look brighter and bigger. Light, neutral colored walls are more reflective and can make space feel airy and open, which make the most of the effect created by natural light. In contrast, dark colors have a tendency to attract light and make a room look smaller and congested. For the best effect, choose soft tones of blue, off-white and green, and always keep in mind that brighter rooms will look more welcoming and larger. For instance, you can paint the walls in neutral and include some interior landscaping ideas to give a natural and spacious look to the space. For instance, you can add faux tropical tree plants, tropical artificial plants and commercial silk faux trees within the living area of the home as this will make the room look aesthetically appealing. Moreover, you can also synchronize furniture and wall colors as contrasting colors tend to break up a space. Remember that pieces of furniture are less disrupting and tend to merge with space if they are colored to go with the wall color.

light interiors

Place the mirrors in the right place

Mirrors when placed in the right place can make your room look bigger and spacious. You should ideally use a focal point and position your mirrors to give the illusion of depth. In addition, mirrors can also reflect both artificial and natural light and can make a room look brighter during the day and night. They spring backlight deep into the room, making it look bigger. You can place a mirror near a window as this will reflect the outdoors effectively. Mirrors when placed on glass tabletops and walls will give your room a more spacious look. In addition, you can also utilize cabinet doors with mirrors to make the room feel bigger. Instead of using an opaque glass shower enclosure in your small bathroom space you can substitute it with a clear, frameless one as this will make the bathroom appear bigger. In addition to this, you can also use glass tabletops. With a robust base of stone, wood, or metal, the space around the table will give a spacious look.

Go for bigger furniture pieces and accessories

Rather than using several smaller furniture pieces within the room you can use a few simple, large pieces of furniture or accessories as this would make a small space look bigger. With large blocks of color and open space, the room will appear to be more peaceful and relaxed. In addition, you can use multi-functional furniture as they will take up less space. For instance, a chest that can be used as a sofa bed, coffee table or a bed with drawers for storage below. You can also use folding tables which can be tucked away when you do not need them. You should ideally place larger pieces of furniture against the walls as this will help to maximize the open space and make sure that the furniture pieces do not block pathways. If accessories and furniture block the view into a room, it will look overcrowded. Thus, you should try to move furniture out and away from walkways as this will open up space and make it feel bigger.

Avoid using upholstery that is gorgeous and heavy

In order to make the small room appear large you can use simple and plain looking upholstery for furniture rather than bold prints, stripes, or plaids. Remember that sheer fabrics will let light to pass through bed skirts, furniture slipcovers, table covers, and window treatments.

Light up space beautifully

Make sure that enough natural light enters into the room, as this will open up the interior and make it look bigger. Add some imaginative effects by utilizing light fittings in case there is a dearth of natural light. You can use lamps, led lights, ceiling lights and spotlights to brighten and illuminate the space beautifully. You can also keep the windows of the room open as this will allow the natural light to enter. Place some flowers and trees near to the window to give the room a stunning look.


By following all these simple tips you can decorate a small space beautifully so your home will feel comfortable and not cramped. You can even seek the help of a professional since they can help to design the space in such a way that it will look spacious and feel larger.



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