Redesign Your Kid’s Room

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Redesign Your Kid’s Room

Redesign Your Kid’s Room

Do you know what the most exciting part of a home is? The kitchen? The living room? Nope.

The most exciting part of any home is your kid’s room. Designed with themes and splattered with color, it can be made extra special with extra touches such as a glass board by Fab Glass and Mirror, a glass replacement window, or numerous other details.

The kid’s room should look different from the rest of the rooms in your house. There is so much that goes on in a kid’s room including fun and games, fear and excitement, crying and laughing; name it and this room has it.

Don’t you think it is essential that this room is tailored for your kid?

Of course, it is!

As a responsible parent, you are there to help your child grow and flourish. By designing your kid’s room in a way that speaks to him or her, you are nurturing this aspect of their lives and showing them your love and care. 

Wondering where to start? By renovating the room of your little one and turning it into something inspiring for your child.

Here is what you can do to add flair to your kid’s room:

Choose a Theme That Your Child Loves

Most kids, as they grow, tend to get attached to a character or idea they love. These may be characters like Dexter (the boy genius), Superman or Harry Potter. They may also be into activities like painting, drawing or dancing. When it comes to a child and their imagination, the possibilities are endless.

Although your child’s “favorite thing” may change day-to-day, there is usually a certain object, theme, etc. that they fall in love with month after month, and once you discover what this is, it’s your cue to begin the redesign. Since it may be difficult for you to relate to this character/idea, have your kid sit with you while you plan. Let them add their input on what they want the theme to be. No matter how bizarre the idea sounds, remember, this is for your kid, not you.

You can even pick out a color theme and mark each wall with the designated color. If you’re up for a challenge, try repainting the room with the theme yourself. You’ll also want your child to add his own touches to the walls in the room. Adding a glass replacement window to match the theme is also a super fun way to embrace the new theme.

Create a Feature Wall with Glass Board

Looking for that extra flair? Add a feature wall and glass erase board with the character painted on it. On the other hand, if it is not a specific character that your child wants, pick a pattern for the feature wall. For instance, pick something like polka dots, clouds, the sea, etc.

With a glass board, kids are not just restricted to painting but can also draw whatever they want without damaging the wall. Try adding paintings or framed pictures and create a collage to create more interest. You can also install a glass shelf nearby the glass board wall by screwing it with a bolt. Or you could let your child create hand drawings on this feature wall too.

You can even have the entire family’s handprints on it, or kids' schedules can be written on this wall. Here, kids can have all the creative freedom that they could hope for.

glass board

Create a Quiet Reading Corner

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of Books is the best of all” – Jaqueline Kennedy.

While you are working to redesign your child’s bedroom, don’t forget one of the most important areas of all: a reading corner. Adding a quiet reading corner will encourage your kids to establish a habit of reading, which is vital for their development into young learners. We all know “today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders.”

To add this space, place a study table and chair in a corner with a wall and add a small bookshelf. You can also use shelves if you prefer. This will also be a great area for your child to do their homework, as it is a designated space for quiet study time.

However, you must keep in mind that this is a formal space and therefore, should have as little distractions as possible. Try to keep the paints and light in this area simple, so that it is easier for your child to focus.

Add Stylish Storage

Apart from a quiet reading space and fun paints in the room, storage is an essential part. But who said you couldn’t make it stylish?

If you want, you can hire a carpenter to make beautifully designed cupboards and cabinets to match the theme. However, this will cost you a fortune.

On the flip-side, you could go to IKEA and find storage that matches the room’s décor. You do not need to go overboard with the theme. If you want it to be stylish, add accessories to make it better. As a rule of thumb, make sure there is ample storage for your child’s clothes, books, school supplies, and sports equipment.

Build a Venting Space for Your Child to Let Out His Creative Whims

Do you know how scholars say that a child is a blank slate? Well, to your children, the entire world is their blank slate.

They enjoy creative freedom and love to express themselves through colors and paints. Though it might be frustrating for parents when kids color on walls of their home, try to keep in mind that writing on walls and doors is part of their expression, so instead, let them express their inner creativity while practicing on glass boards – so you’ll both be happy!

Glass Boards to Save Walls

These form the designated spaces for your child to vent on the wall. Since a glass board is not painted, it can be easily erased. Furthermore, this is not a difficult accessory to add to your kid’s room. Just simple equipment such as a drill and screws can be used to install these creative spaces. Alternatively, you can get a stand to hook the glass board over it.

Redesigning your child’s room with your kid will be a fun adventure you both will remember for a lifetime. So enjoy this time and the creativity that comes with it!


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