Post 4th of July, Plastic-Free Living + a GIVEAWAY


Post 4th of July, Plastic-Free Living + a GIVEAWAY

Post 4th of July, Plastic-Free Living + a GIVEAWAY

July 6thNewsletter

What a whirlwind, huh?! The 4thof July has come and gone, and my daughter is [basically] 3! Again, where has time gone?!

The 4thwas a great mix of celebrating our country and pride [I do live in Texas, after all], as well as celebrating Kenzley’s 3rdBirthday. In fact, it went so well that I’m all but certain we are going to keep up this tradition for years to come! This way, all the parents can actually enjoy themselves while still attending a “kid’s party”. Because what adult really wantsto go to Chuck E’ Cheese’s when they can be sipping adult beverages while only half-watching their children?! Hahaha.

As I mentioned in last week’s Newsletter, I absolutely love planning parties, but like anyone else would agree, there’s a lot [of stress] that comes along with it as well. So, now that our big “Summer Event” is over, it’s really time to start settling down before baby gets here – and get some much needed work, reviews and decorating done!

Speaking of Reviews, this week I am featuring DetoxWater: because who doesn’t need a good (but still manageable) detox come post-4thfestivities?! Their aloe-based waters really are tasty and have turned the idea of detoxing into something I actually can stand behind – since it’s not a starve yourself, short-term solution like many detoxes are.

I also did Reviews for both Organicville and LifeStraw – two companies that make living a healthy lifestyle much easier and attainable than many could imagine! And to keep on tract with the fact that it’s Plastic Free July, I chose these companies because all of Organicville’s Refrigerated Dressings come in glass bottles; and LifeStraw makes it easier to enjoy filtered water no matter where you are – so you don’t have to purchase those nasty plastic water bottles that end up polluting our oceans and beaches!

So what is Plastic Free July, you ask? For a quick run-down:

What started with a handful of participants in Western Australia in 2011, has grown to millions of participants across more than 150 countries worldwide today. This independent, not-for-profit charitable Foundation has a vision of creating a world without plastic waste.

By encouraging people to be more aware of their plastic use, they trust that we can create a cleaner world for generations to come. Part of this involves supporting behavior change and helping others habitually #choosetorefuse shopping bags, straws, takeaway containers and coffee cups – just to name a few.

And after being down in Turks and Caicos and seeing all of the plastic litter that aligns their streets and gorgeous beaches, I couldn’t agree with this cause more! Want to learn how you too can help? Then check out this link ( and see how you can make small daily changes that will have a huge impact!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out my Instagram Giveaway with TwistShake! One lucky winner has the opportunity to get one @twistshakebaby Anti-Colic Baby Bottle or Sippy Cup – Fruit Splash in the pastel color of their choice!

TwistShake Giveaway


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