Overconsumption – my past and how it’s changed my future


Overconsumption – my past and how it’s changed my future

Overconsumption – my past and how it’s changed my future

November 30th Newsletter

Plus, some pretty great deals on stuff you will actually use!

Tired of all the overspending and endless consumption already this Holiday Season? And to think, it’s only just begun! I can truthfully say that this is the first year in a very, very long time that I have made it a point to only buy those things I really need and know I – or others I purchase for – will really use and/or appreciate. No more buying just to buy because it’s a good deal! This has been my M.O. for a long time… My husband thinks I just like to collect – “a closet hoarder” of sorts – but there’s a reason behind it, and there’s more to it than that…

Growing up wasn’t always easy. My parents owned their own business which meant that some years we were [financially] very well off, and other years were a huge struggle. And while they did everything they could to provide us what we needed, and never left us feeling without, even as a young child I could feel the burden of those years and what it meant for our family of 5. Even knowing that my Mom would give the shirt off her back to make sure that we had that one [more] thing we just couldn’t live without, I still felt like I needed to help and that saving everything I received – from money and giftcards for my birthday to special treats (like chocolate or even gum) – was my way of preparing for my future. This is how I would prevent myself from ever having to feel “in need” again. And is where my need to save everything began.

Now fast-forward to [many] years later and you will begin to understand why I have grown up with stacks of giftcards that were never used, clothes that were never worn, food and treats that were long since expired, and items that I just had to have, but once I got them, was too “afraid” to use them because I wanted them to stay like new, and not have to worry about them breaking or looking worn. I know it’s silly – and pretty stupid actually – because in the hopes of saving and not wasting things, I’ve actually done the exact opposite and let my need to control my sense of wellbeing cause loads of things to expire, ruin and/or become useless and obsolete.

So why am I telling you all this – besides the notion of letting others know some of my deepest flaws…?! It’s because life is all about learning and lessons and I want others to learn from mine. This “issue” has also really come to my attention as of late (mainly while pregnant with Kaia, for various reasons, but the biggest of which is due to my MC last year and realizing that every moment and every thing is a true gift, and we should cherish it as such).

While yes, the Christmas season is all about love and giving, I think we need to take it one step further and think about how it’s going to lift someone up, make them happier, live better, be healthier – not just giving a gift to say we bought something (whether it be for ourselves or someone else) – but so we can help improve the lives of those around us. And through this, we will also learn to uplift ourselves and make our lives all the more worth living. Because that’s what – I believe – this Holiday Season is all about: becoming the best version of ourselves and thus, affecting others so they too can become the best versions of themselves!

This also brings me to my love of finding good deals and saving money. And while I used to just find deals to find deals, I now make it a point to find the best deals on things that I know I need and/or am going to use – and is why I want to share some of these great finds and coupon codes with all of you! Because again, I’m not saying don’t treat yourself and don’t spoil others, just do it in a way that is going to uplift and find things that are truly needed and are of high quality – since these are things that will make a difference!

So what am I loving now?

  1. Diono: from carseats to strollers, my favorite Diono find is currently their Quantum stroller! Yes, it looks like some of the extremely high-end strollers out there, and even has materials to match, but thankfully it is much more reasonably priced! You can check out all the deets, HERE. Right now, it’s a whopping $340 OFF in their [Online] Outlet Store – which means it’s selling for a mere $159.99! Unheard of!
  2. Newton Baby: Made using Breathe-Thru Technology, I don’t have to worry if baby rolls over and/or falls asleep on her stomach, because she can literally still breathe right through the mattress! This drastically reduces the risk of suffocation, and therefore a parent’s anxiety – which tends to be ridiculously high when a baby sleeps (although this is when us moms need to sleep the most – the irony, I know)! You can read all about the mattress in my review, or go directly to their website for more info, as well.
  3. Coconut Kitchen: These coconut butters are so delicious and flavorful that you will have a hard time believing that they can heal your body from the inside out!  All their products are created without using ingredients that are likely to cause inflammation and are gluten free, dairy free, peanut free and soy free and come in tons of great flavors! Check them out HERE, and use my code FITFABMOMS10 for 10% OFF your entire order!
  4. R.e.d.d. Bars: Made with superfoods and certain to make you feel good from the inside out, and satisfy any cravings you may have, these bars contain everything you want – and nothing you don’t! Check them out HERE, and use the code JESSICA15 for 15% OFF your entire order!
  5. Mommy Steps:  MommySteps is the first HEAT MOLDABLE insole made specifically for pregnancy to provide the needed support during each trimester! YUP! You can mold them in the oven each trimester to give your tired aching feet a CUSTOMIZED Support as your body changes! Keeping your feet happy and your arches supported means you get to keep wearing all your cute shoes too! And they aren’t just for pregnancy – Moms of all ages and stages can wear and enjoy them as well! Check them out HERE, and use my code HFFM20 for 20% OFF your entire order!

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