It’s Already June?! How I’m Enjoying it Moment by Moment

It’s Already June?! How I’m Enjoying it Moment by Moment

June 1st Newsletter

This year is truly flying by! Maybe it’s the fact that I have two toddlers, work multiple jobs, or always seem to have something on my to-do list – or the fact that I’m pregnant with #3! – but it seems that every time I blink another week has gone by, my stomach has grown another inch, and my children are well on their way to becoming full-on big kids, as opposed to a baby and toddler. I mean, my son just graduated from Pre-K and my daughter will be 3-years in just over a month! Where has time gone?!

With all this said, it makes me want to enjoy every moment I have even more! Especially when it comes to spending time with my husband and 2 littles because, hey, they aren’t going to remain little for long and with another one on the way come September, my life is going to get all the more busy and hectic!

That is why we took our first family trip to a Lake House this week – and is why I have been a little more MIA from social media than usual. It’s also why I want June to be all about highlighting products that make life a little simpler, a little easier, and a little tastier too :). The first two on the list this week: @BabyComfy and @Tribalifoods. [Check out our reviews to learn more!] I also posted the Recipe [for the Quinoa Orzo Pasta Salad] I made for the Memorial Day BBQ we attended on Monday – because man what is tasty, healthy, and easy-to-make! Best of all, the leftovers taste even better – so it’s one of those dishes you can make ahead of time and then enjoy all week! Another win-win in my book!      

I’m also including some links and COUPON CODES to some of my favorite meal delivery services, clothing and baby products: because any way to make life easier and more enjoyable is what I’m all about – especially these days as I start to peak around the corner at my 3rd Trimester! (Again, where did the time go?!)

  1. Daily Harvest: A super easy and nutritious way to get tasty and healthy meals all-day long! Get your choice of 3 FREE CUPS of frozen Smoothies, Overnight Oats, Chia Parfaits, Soups, Harvest Bowls, Sundaes and/or Lattes with the code healthyfitfabmoms at
  2. Hungryroot: Delicious plant-based meals, sides and desserts delivered straight to your door. Plus, everything can be completely customizable! Get $30 OFF your first order with the link:
  3. Sunbasket: Want to SAVE $40 off your first order of Sun Basket? Then simply click HERE! With 16 meals to choose from each week, all of which include Organic and Sustainable produce harvested at the peak of freshness, you are sure to find multiple meals that you and your family will love!?
  4. LeTote: Want a way to stay fashionable and feel fresh without the commitment and big price tags? Then you’ve got to check out LeTote! They even have Maternity options! Receive a FREE TOTE filled with clothing and/or jewelry if you use the link:
  5. Tranquilo Mat: Looking for a way for both you and your newborn (or toddler for that matter!) to sleep better? Than check out this soothing, vibrating mat from Tranquilo Mat. Get $10 OFF your order with the code:

As always, I want to thank you for being part of our community! We love having you!

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