How to Fight Anxiety with CBD Oil and Medical Marijuana


How to Fight Anxiety with CBD Oil and Medical Marijuana

How to Fight Anxiety with CBD Oil and Medical Marijuana

Feelings of anxiety and increased stress levels are not uncommon in today’s world. Everything seems to be moving at a breakneck pace, and sometimes it may be difficult to keep up with all that is going on around you. It holds true even in normal circumstances, but the anxiety trends are especially worrying in 2020, with the global economy brought to a halt and the enforcement of social distancing regulations due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Thankfully, there are quite a few methods available to you if you need help dealing with these emotions. Aside from pharmaceutical drugs and therapy sessions, medical marijuana has proven to be a very efficient weapon in many people's anti-anxiety arsenal.

Suppose you’re thinking of using it to combat anxiety or stress, but do not want to risk the adverse side effects of paranoia associated with getting high on cannabis. In that case, you should definitely consider using CBD products as an alternative. As opposed to their THC-rich counterparts, CBD-only strains contain very trace amounts of THC and therefore, won’t give you any psychoactive effects. In fact, you don’t even need to smoke it - there are plenty of CBD-based products available, including essential oils or even face creams. Beware of faux supplements, though - you should always check product reviews on sites such as this one:

But how do marijuana’s anti-anxiety qualities manifest themselves? What products should you use to bring out these effects? What should you look out for in order to avoid unpleasant side effects? Keep reading to find out about the best practices related to using cannabis to improve your mental health.


What Product Should You Use?

There is no definitive answer to that question, as each person’s body is different, and they can react differently to various substances. The good news is that even if you experience some unpleasant side effects of marijuana usage, you can’t die from abusing this plant.

In order to make full use of the medicinal benefits of cannabis, however, you should make sure that the type of marijuana product you’re going to be using will actually help you, and not make your anxiety worse.

First off, if you have a history of schizophrenia or other mental disorders in your family, you should stay away from THC products. In fact, most people who struggle with anxiety report that getting really high on weed does not help them improve their mental condition at all. On the other hand, many people who smoke recreationally claim that their anxiety levels have gone down since they started partaking in that activity. Experts claim that when it comes to high-THC strains, it all comes down to individual experience, as well as the amounts of marijuana you take in.

If you don’t really care about getting high, though, CBD marijuana varieties seem to be the best choice for you. Aside from the gentle feeling of well-being and relaxation, they don’t have any psychoactive qualities. Therefore, you won’t run any risks of making your anxiety worse by using them.

Ultimately, the most non-invasive and safe cannabis product you can use is one of the many varieties of essential CBD oils. They are applied by simply rubbing it on your skin or even placing them under your tongue. After a while, the substance will absorb, and you’ll be able to feel its soothing effects.


How Does It Alleviate Anxiety?

Now that you know what cannabis variation is most helpful when treating anxiety, you’re probably wondering how exactly it helps to get you in a more relaxed and calmer headspace.

While you won’t experience any alteration in your perception of the surrounding world, CBD does have some noticeable effects, such as relaxation in your joints and, generally, throughout your body. Additionally, people experiencing social anxiety disorders have reported a significant reduction in feeling uneasy when attending social functions and larger group gatherings, according to a recent study.

Generally, CBD products are most effective in treating the short-term detrimental effects of anxiety disorders. However, you shouldn’t rely on marijuana as the fix-all cure for these kinds of conditions. If you’re looking to fix your anxiety for good, without having to rely on substances to constantly fight it, you’re going to have to get deep into the root cause of your problem(s); and this is only possible through attending therapy sessions and/or confronting your fears head on.


The Bottom Line

CBD is a great way to treat anxiety and briefly alleviate its effects. It is particularly helpful in situations such as struggling to go to sleep due to anxiety, or even fighting self-consciousness during social events. However, keep in mind that cannabis is simply a tool to help yourself manage your mental condition and not a wonder cure that will set your brain straight once and for all. Heavy reliance on any substance is never a good way out of situations and should be used modestly and with respect.


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