How Pregnancy Changes Your Mindset

How Pregnancy Changes Your Mindset

Being pregnant is a funny concept. Not funny like “haha” funny, but more in an ironic sort-of a way. Being pregnant often changes our perspective on the importance of our health and makes us realize how every little thing we do is going to impact our unborn child. However, few of us actually act on our intuitions to start eating healthier and exercise on a more consistent basis and instead take these nine months as a “free for all”, eating whenever and whatever we feel like and often foregoing exercise all together.

We all know our health is important and that what we eat and how often we exercise can directly affect our overall well-being. And yet, even with all the studies out there, and no matter how many times we are told our blood pressure is too high, we need to lower our cholesterol, or how we could afford to lose some weight, we still go about our day-to-day lives, eating whatever junk is easiest to get our hands on and skipping our gym session because we are “definitely going tomorrow.”

As women, it’s often not until we are pregnant that it finally dawns on us how every little thing that we do impacts the development of our unborn baby. All of a sudden it matters what kind of cleaning products we use in our home, if the water we are drinking has been properly filtered, and if the tomatoes on our sandwich are organic or not. We even begin to contemplate the importance of exercising on a regular basis… although few actually follow through with it.

And yet, the nine months that women are pregnant often remains one of the unhealthiest times of their lives. The constant binging, the lack of exercise, and then the gestational diabetes and preeclampsia that follow… this is not how our bodies were meant to operate!

The thing is, we know the importance of good nutrition and exercise while pregnant, or we at least have some sort-of vague idea, it’s just doing it that’s the hard part. It seems like too much of an effort. And we don’t think it will pay off in the long run anyway… But when it comes to the health of your baby, it will always pay off!

It’s taking baby steps (no pun intended), and realizing that living a healthy life does not start with a cleanse or with some sort-of diet, but it’s a lifestyle and something that you are constantly working on. It’s making small changes here and there that will eventually turn into an overall feeling of wellness – it’s not something that just happens over night!

And that’s what we at Healthy.Fit.Fab… Moms and Beyond are here to do! We want to show you how easy it is to not only become healthy for yourself, but for your family as well.

From learning how to not only eat, but cook, tasty and nutritious meals, to fitting exercise into your daily routine, no matter how little time you may have, we want all you moms out there – as well as those who are soon-to-be moms – to feel healthy, fit, and fabulous – because you deserve it!

Contact us now to learn how you can start feeling your best today!


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