HFFM’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide – for every Mom & Mom-to-be


HFFM’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide – for every Mom & Mom-to-be

HFFM’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide – for every Mom & Mom-to-be

May 4th Newsletter – 2018

It’s here! My 2018 Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

With Mother’s Day a little more than a week away, I wanted to make this year’s Mother Day’s Gift Guide all about treating yourself. Not to say you shouldn’t be spoiled by others too, but who knows how to make you feel more special better than you?! That’s why I’ve created this roundup of things focused on you and your wants and needs. Because there’s nothing like a little “me time” on Mother’s Day! And hey, if you want to pass the list on to your significant other, then I’m not going to stop you… What spouse doesn’t like a good hint anyway?! Haha.

And, since I am expecting this Mother’s Day, and am a current Mom to two little ones as well, I wanted to make this Mother’s Day Gift Guide all-inclusive. Because we all know that motherhood starts the moment you know you’re pregnant – as you love that baby and take care of it (and your body) like you were already holding that precious bundle in your arms!

So without further ado, here is my list of must-haves this Mother’s Day for all of you expecting Mommas – and you current Super Moms as well!

  1. HNINA Gourmet
  2. Oilogic Slumber & Sleep
  3. Baby Doppler
  4. Daily Harvest
  5. Snuggle Me Organic:
  6. EBY
  7. Goodlight Natural Candles
  8. Nikki’s Coconut Butter



  1. HNINA Gourmet: Chocolate and Sprouted Nut Truffles that are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G., and surprisingly good for you! Especially made for expectant moms and those that are nursing – although everyone is sure to LOVE them! Get 10% OFF your entire order, every time with the code: healthyfitfabmoms10 at https://hninagourmet.com/  or by using this direct link: https://hninagourmet.com/discount/HEALTHYFITFABMOMS10                                     

  2. Oilogic Slumber & Sleep: Essential Oil roll-ons, body washes, bath soaks, etc. for both you and your littlest of loves. Because who doesn’t want a more restful night’s sleep?!                                                                                             


  3. Baby Doppler: Sonoline B + GIVEAWAY. To help make those months leading up to baby’s birth as stress free as possible! Check out the link to enter for either you or a loved one via Instagram or through our BLOG.             


  4. Daily Harvest: A super easy and nutritious way to get tasty and healthy meals all-day long! Get your choice of 3 FREE CUPS of frozen Smoothies, Overnight Oats, Chia Parfaits, Soups, Harvest Bowls, Sundaes and/or Lattes with the code healthyfitfabmoms at https://www.daily-harvest.com/              

  5. Snuggle Me Organic: The best way to get some me-time – and some much needed rest – when you have a new baby. It’s the perfect “hug” when you just don’t seem to have enough hands.                                                                        


  6. EBY: A new, empowering brand of seamless underwear, launched by Sofia Vergara that is comfortable, cute and “sexy enough for the Emmys”.                   


  7. Goodlight Natural Candles: Who doesn’t love a good candle?! But did you know that the majority of candles are made out of paraffin – an extremely toxic sludge that is derived from petroleum?! Yeah, it’s not something I want in my house either (especially when I’m pregnant and/or have kids around!) and is why I am thrilled to have found a natural and affordable alternative!          


  8. Nikki’s Coconut Butter: From the creamy texture and tropical aroma, to the slightly sweet taste and rich finish, Coconut Butter is good on – and with – pretty much anything! Then try adding flavors that make it taste like Vanilla Cake Batter and Dark Chocolate Fudge, and who wouldn’t want to eat it straight out of the jar! Now thanks to Nikki’s Coconut Butter, I do!

And here is a list of several more Coupon Codes, just because I love you Momma’s and want to help save you all the time and money [and stress!] that I can J.


  1. LeTote: Want a way to stay fashionable and feel fresh without the commitment and big price tags? Then you’ve got to check out LeTote! They even have Maternity options! Receive a FREE TOTE filled with clothing and/or jewelry if you use the link: https://letote.com/freetote/JESSICA14038
  2. Sunbasket: Want to SAVE $40 off your first order of Sun Basket? Then simply click HERE! With 16 meals to choose from each week, all of which include Organic and Sustainable produce harvested at the peak of freshness, you are sure to find multiple meals that you and your family will love!?https://sunbasket.com/invite/Jessica679107
  3. Tranquilo Mat: Looking for a way for both you and your newborn (or toddler for that matter!) to sleep better? Than check out this soothing, vibrating mat from Tranquilo Mat. Get $10 OFF your order with the code: http://tranquilomat.refr.cc/jessicaboscarini
  4. Hungryroot: Delicious plant-based meals, sides and desserts delivered straight to your door. Plus, everything can be completely customizable! Get $30 OFF your first order with the link: https://www.hungryroot.com/r/J01SX5

As always, I want to thank you for being part of our community! We love having you! And now, more than ever, I want to thank you all for being great Moms – because you really are a Super Hero in the eyes of those who matter most!

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