Four Tips for Taking up Running as a Busy Mom


Four Tips for Taking up Running as a Busy Mom

Four Tips for Taking up Running as a Busy Mom

~ Guest Post by Joniel ~

As a busy mom, it can be extremely hard to carve out that precious time for your own interests, activities, health, and well-being, but as any mom will tell you – it’s absolutely necessary. The only way you can be your best most healthy self is by making that time.

So, what if you’ve been thinking you want to be more fit, enjoy more energy, and just know you’re doing something great for your body? Running can be the answer, and it is something that anyone can get into at any point. You won’t have to worry about a gym membership and the costs and commitment that go with it, you don’t have to find others to take part in the sport with you, and you won’t even be dictated by a strict schedule since you can run all year-round any time you like.

If this sounds like the kind of activity you’d be interested in taking up, here are four tips to help you get started, no matter how busy you may be.

1) Make Running a Priority

Often, unless you make something a priority in your life, it’s just not going to get done. As a busy mom, there will always be some task or chore you need to do, your child will always want your attention, and you’ll always feel as though you’re juggling 50 things at once. It’s best to accept this reality and tell yourself it’s okay to make your personal health and well-being a priority.

This may also mean penciling it on the calendar and making specific time slots and dates for your chance to run. Let your significant other know that it will be a priority and that you will be carving out time to do it.

2) Consider Taking Supplements

Another tip is to look into how supplements can increase your performance, and better your results overall. The fact is that running uses up a whole lot of energy, and when you first start out it can be really difficult to find it. Throw into the mix that you may also be juggling a full-time job, and of course, the kids, so the idea of having any sort of extra energy is laughable.

Certain supplements are known to be workout enhancers such as beta-alanine. This one is used to help runners stay fresher for longer, and is also useful if you hit a plateau and can't seem to get past it.

Creatine tends to be the supplement most people are aware of, and again, it is a performance enhancer. It can help your legs last longer, it gets your heart pumping faster, and even your muscle contractions speed up. This blog from Vitamonk takes an in-depth look at supplements for runners that actually work, along with a number of other useful tips and information.

3) Have the Kids Take Part

If you find it too hard to get out there by yourself each day, you can even get the kids to come along. They don't have to join in every day, but keeping them active is just as important. It’s a great way for them to burn off some extra energy too, which means you can look forward to a smooth and easy bedtime.

4) Just Start Out Slow

Starting from scratch can be especially hard as you don't automatically have the endurance and strength to do some five-mile runs. Instead, it's a good idea to listen to what your body is telling you, start out slow, and work on building your strength and endurance over time. Take the pressure off yourself and don’t expect to be perfect right away.

Staying Healthy and Fit Benefits All

Remember, at the end of the day, you taking the steps to stay healthy and fit doesn’t just benefit you, it benefits the kids and the whole family.


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