End of 2015 – Take Time for Yourself

End of 2015 – Take Time for Yourself

As 2015 comes to an end, I can barely wrap my head around where it has gone and how much as happened (and am sure many of you can say the same)! From the great things that have happened in my business, to the birth of my daughter Kenzley (my most cherished moment by far!), I am truly thankful for the relationships that have been created and the ones that have blossomed, for my friends and my family, and for all of the promise and hope for this upcoming year.

And although New Year’s Resolutions are soo cliché, I really do think it’s important to sit down and think about all of your goals – both immediate and long-term – and create a vision of how you can become a better version of yourself, both inside and out, for the foreseeable future. So whether that be starting January 1st, or some other designated date that you decide, take a couple moments for yourself (a definite recurring resolution on my list!) and write down a couple daily, weekly, and monthly goals so that 2016 can be your best year yet! Oh, and sharing your goals is the best way to help you stick with them - so share away ;)

Happy 2016 fellow Moms! I look forward to seeing much more of you in this upcoming year (another goal of mine: to update this blog more often ;).



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