Cutting Back on Technology – Tip #4

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Cutting Back on Technology – Tip #4

Cutting Back on Technology – Tip #4

Healthy Habits to Help Make 2018 Your Healthiest Year Yet!

We all know how important eating nutritiously is to our overall wellbeing, as is getting out and exercising on a regular basis, but I wanted to break away from these concepts for a moment and take the idea of creating healthy habits in a whole new direction. As a Holistic Nutritionist, I believe that everything we eat, breathe and do affects are health – and since technology is now such a big part of our everyday lives, you better bet that it plays a major role.

Not only does the amount of time we spend on our phones, computers, etc. take away from the amount of time we are exercising, preparing healthy meals and, of course, spending with our loves ones, the images and articles we look at can – and do – affect the way we run our lives as well. This is especially true when it comes to Social Media. Whether it be wanting a piece of chocolate cake because you just saw the most amazing post on Instagram, or you’re feeling lonely because all of your girlfriends went to lunch without you – even though you told them you were busy – both our moods and waistlines are affected by Social Media.

With all this said, I want to give you 5 reasons that cutting back on technology will help you live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life! And if you’ve been following along with our previous Newsletter series, you’ll notice that these will sound a lot like the reasons I gave you to turn off your phone – because they are! I don’t think these are changes that will necessarily sink in over night, and my bet is you probably need a little reminder right about now anyway J.


1) You Will Sleep More

I already wrote a whole article on Why We Need to Sleep More, so there should be no question that sleeping is important! But did you know what one of the main reasons why we don’t sleep enough is?! It’s our phones, tablets and laptops! And for several reasons:

  1. The bright light emitted by the majority of technological devices can mess with your circadian rhythm and literally trick your body into thinking it is still the middle of the day, making it harder for you to fall asleep.
  2. Emails, texts, etc. enable you to work longer into the night, making it harder for your brain to “shut down” and ease into sleep.
  3. Social media can “wild you up” by making you overly excited, depressed, etc. depending on whose post you are seeing and what they are doing.
  4. Fear of missing out. This is one of the biggest problems with Social Media before bed. You see what other people are doing and it makes you want to be doing something “fun” too so either, a) you go out and do it (meaning you aren’t going to sleep), or b) you wish you were doing it and have a hard time falling asleep because you can’t stop thinking about what you are missing out on.

2) You’ll Stress Less

Going back to the “fear of missing out” idea, and always comparing your life to others on Social Media can really cause you to lose sight of how good you have it. It can also cause you to spend less time on your professional duties, including work, school, etc., bringing on the stress of not having “enough time” to finish projects, homework, and the like. In fact, according to a Kent State University study, higher cell phone usage correlates to lower GPAs and higher anxiety levels.

Moreover, in a recent Forbes study, 61% of respondents reported feeling jealous, depressed or annoyed after checking their smartphone updates – but most interrupted all sorts of engagements to do it anyway. Turning off your phone weans your dependence on the rush of constant communication, and will help you feel better for it!

3) You’ll Be Healthier

While it’s not known whether or not cell phones – or other similar devices such as laptops and tablets – cause cancer, they do carry health risks. Some doctors believe that keeping your cell phone near your chest raises the risk of breast cancer, and other concerns thrive around the small amounts of radiation they emit. Some even believe they can be linked to gliomas, a kind of brain tumor.

Even cell phone manufacturers recommend keeping your phone between 0.5 - 1 inch at all times. For safe usage, carry your phone off your person, especially in the case of pregnancy or young children, and use a speaker or wireless handset for calls (whenever possible). I even have a special “radiation blanket” when I have my laptop on my lap, just in case. I rather be safe than sorry!

Furthermore, if you are constantly on your phone, you probably aren’t working out as intensely [or mindfully], as you would if it wasn’t near your person. Giving yourself that hour of just you time really can do wonders! Not only will you allow yourself to get in a better workout, you will also give your mind a break from all of those outside “noises” and be able to truly focus on you.

4) You’ll Improve Your Real-Life Relationships

It should be no surprise to you that people spend more time on their phones than they actually do talking and interacting with their significant others. Sound familiar? If you don’t believe me, just look around next time you are out in public – especially when you’re out to dinner! It’s amazing how many people aren’t talking and are instead on their phones!

So how about you put down your phones while with others and start paying attention to those you have around you. Trust me, your intimate life will thank you J.

5) You’ll Learn to Value the Present

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I am trying to enjoy time with family or friends and all I see is people taking pictures and then immediately editing them so they can post them to social media. I get the fact that you “want to share” what’s going on, but does it have to be NOW?! I’m all for taking pictures, but if you immediately spend 10 minutes trying to make them look “perfect” before you post them, you aren’t enjoying the time you have with those around you, and are instead wasting those precious minutes on your phone.

Instead, why don’t you enjoy the now and the people you currently have around you! View the festivities through your own eyes, not those of a lens, and interact with those around you, enjoying the laughs, smiles, and conversations instead of “talking” to your phone the whole time. Trust me, you’ll appreciate the value of making strong memories with loved ones in person much more than your phone will appreciate you!

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? Do you agree that technology is taking over our lives? If so, why don’t you try to cut back on your phone and tablet usage and see how much more enjoyable your life can be?!

Now stay tuned for next week’s Newsletter where I continue to help you make healthy living a lifestyle! And if you missed last week’s Tip (about eating more fat), CONTACT US for the Newsletter, or check out the article on our BLOG.


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