Cool Things About Bluetooth


Cool Things About Bluetooth

Cool Things About Bluetooth

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Bluetooth revolutionized how we use our technology. We have our phones hooked up to speakers and the TV; we can even turn lights on and off. The wireless connection between two devices is incredibly useful. However, there are so many other uses for Bluetooth technology, so let’s take a look at some of the coolest.


There are so many apps in the stores, and sometimes you just want to play with your friends. Multiplayer games often have the option to use Bluetooth technology to play together. You can find Bluetooth games on the Apple App Store and Google Play store, including:

  • Tic-Tac-Touch
  • FS5
  • iSamurai
  • Warlings
  • Volleyball Hangout
  • Sea Battle

Home Security

Homes are getting easier to manage than ever before. With the right smart home kit, you can hook everything up to your phone. A couple of great examples are your alarm system with Bluetooth integration, keyless lock, and a remote camera.


Bluetooth technology is really affordable. It is easy for developers to use in their devices, and this results in cheaper costs overall.


Headphones, of course, are one of the most well-known Bluetooth enabled technologies. After initially being set up once to your phone or laptop, they will then connect every time they are turned on. This is great if you are traveling or if you commute a lot. Bluetooth technology can even be used for hearing aids, which you can read more about when you click here.

Transferring Files

You probably know you can transfer files between two smartphones, but you can also connect your smartphone to your commuter and transfer the data that way. Two Bluetooth enabled computers or laptops can do it as well. It might not be as quick as when you plug it in via a cable, but it is efficient if you are on the move. Airdrop is the one used for apple, and Near Share for Windows 10.

Personal Area Network

You can also create a personal area network using Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology has the ability to create a network for 7 devices in a range of 30 feet. You can even set up multiple PANs in the same room to increase connectivity.

Different Devices

Here are a few different devices that can be connected via Bluetooth:

  • Keyboard: You can get Bluetooth enabled keyboards; some have a small USB stick that will enable the link.
  • Gamepads: Playstation controllers are one of the gamepads that can be linked up to your PC, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • Mouse: It is great to have fewer wires on your desk when you are trying to work. Using a Bluetooth mouse is a quick way to do that.

Wireless Standard

Because Bluetooth is compatible with almost every device that has wireless capability, it sets the standard.

There aren’t many things in technology that is as easy to use as Bluetooth. It is a wire-free solution to many problems. It allows you to relax on the couch and change the lights, turn the kettle on, or change the channel. Just another way to make us all a little lazier. :)


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