Cinco de Derby: 9 Tips to Stay on Track this Holiday Weekend


Cinco de Derby: 9 Tips to Stay on Track this Holiday Weekend

Cinco de Derby: 9 Tips to Stay on Track this Holiday Weekend

This weekend is a double-whammy holiday weekend. Well, sort of: if you’re the Cinco de Mayo / Kentucky Derby-type celebrator. Hey, we all have our thing and honestly, who doesn’t like an excuse to throw (or attend) a party! Especially as we get older and have an ever-growing list of to-dos, it’s nice to just get out of the house for a couple of hours and let loose!

Since this weekend is both Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby, I thought it fitting to send out a list of ways to be able to have your guac and enjoy a Mint Julep too [plus some of the other Mexican and race-day inspired fare that normally goes around, but minus the headaches, bloating, and other unpleasantries that are often associated with too much “fun”.] Lol.

So without further ado, here are your 9 tips to help you stay on track this holiday weekend!

9 Tips to Stay on Track this Holiday Weekend


I think skipping meals is one of the biggest pitfalls people make when preparing for what’s sure to be an overindulgent weekend. Many think that skipping a meal or two will give you extra calories to put towards drinks and treats. Yet doing this will actually make you more likely to overeat since you are so ravenous that the smell and sight of any – and all – foods will make you want to chow down. Skipping meals will also cause low blood sugar, again, making you super hungry and more likely to overeat, which brings me to #2…


If you know you'll be tempted with heavy and high-fat foods, then make sure you eat something before you go to the party! This will actually end up saving you lots of bad decisions – and calories – in the long run, because you won’t be trying to eat everything in sight. You’ll also be more mindful of what you do eat since you are going more for the taste factor, than just feeding your growling belly. Which now brings me to #3…


Just because it’s Cinco de Mayo, doesn’t mean you have to eat every Mexican-inspired food that was ever invented! And just because it’s the Derby doesn’t mean that you need to get s-faced and drink until you can’t stand up! Yes, have fun, but choose your food and drink wisely. Save your calories for the stuff that you’ve really been craving and don’t get to eat all the time or don’t ever make yourself. If you’re dying to have a friend Empanada, then go for it! But then don’t eat a plateful of Nachos that you could have any time the craving hits… bringing me to #4…


One of the greatest tips for helping to save on “party time calories” is to scan the buffet line before you even pick up a plate. "Studies show that individuals who are overweight tend to fill their plate as they go through the line," says shares Marcey Rader, M.Ed, health and wellness expert for Extended Stay America Hotels. "Meanwhile, people at a recommended weight tend to be more strategic and take inventory, decide what they're going to eat, and then grab a plate." By knowing what the offerings are at a potluck, for example, you can strategically choose the foods that best curb your cravings (as stated in #3), and won’t be wasting your calories on foods that you don’t truly love.


Just because your eating at a party, doesn’t mean that you can’t eat something healthy too! There will undoubtedly be some sort of Crudité, Salads and/or Fruit options, so load around ¾ of your plate with these and then save the last ¼ for bits and pieces of the foods you just can’t refuse! And we all know there will be plenty of guac, so for all of you keto fans out there, load up on this! Just remember how fat-filled it is, so if you’re eating other carb-filled foods, your body is going to hold onto the stuff – not burn it like it typically would if you were in the “fat-burning phase”. Remember, there’s no reason to totally restrict yourself, but do you really need to eat 3 pieces of Pecan Pie?! [Check out my Sweet Potato Pie Blondies for a healthier – and more delicious – alternative!]

But what if there are not any healthy options? Then…


It’s pretty much guaranteed that there won’t be anything for me to eat at the majority of potlucks that I attend. I’m well aware of this. But, that doesn’t mean I’m going to starve! I just always bring a couple of dishes of foods that I know that I’ll enjoy, and I’m good to go. Whether it be a classic recipe made into a healthier version, a drink that I know I won’t feel crappy after drinking, or a healthier dessert (like my Sweet Potato Pie Blondies), I never have to worry about going hungry because I don’t want to eat – or drink – the foods that are offered. Remember, there are so many amazing recipes you can serve (or bring) that the entire crowd will love! You don't have to sacrifice flavor or your desserts to stay healthy. Remember, it’s important that you get to enjoy your holiday weekend too!

Now, in regards to booze…


Do yourself a favor and skip the bottomless pre-made Margaritas and Simple Syrup-filled Mint Juleps that will sure to be flowing at your Cinco de Derby parties this weekend. Instead, sip on [my fav] champagne with a splash of Bai or simple mixes such as tequila, soda water and a squirt of lime (if you want to stick with the Mexican theme). Not only will this save you a ton of calories, but you'll also protect yourself from a sugar-induced headache later. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water in between your sips of alcohol! Staying hydrated will save you a lot of pain after a day full of boozing, so don’t underestimate the power of water!


Just because you “went big” the day before, doesn’t mean your health streak has to be ruined! We all have days that we over-do it, but just think of the next morning as a day to start fresh, and get out and do it! Go for a walk, take a workout class, or meet some friends and play a game of soccer or football to get your blood flowing and heart pumping. This will not only help to clear your body of any unwanted toxins, but you’ll also be starting the day off on the right foot, making it easier to stick with healthy choices for the rest of the day. On the contrary, waking up and boozing more or eating a greasy, fat-filled breakfast will only continue the binge and make getting on track the next day that much harder. And on that note…


Exercising the morning after your binge is obviously a great way to get back on track, but don’t underestimate the power of working out before you go out with your friends and family. When you workout, your endorphins start to flow and your mind is already in a better place than when you started. This automatically helps you make better choices – whether it be on the types of foods you eat or the number of drinks you ingest. Not to say that working out for an hour gives you an excuse to inhale 2 huge pieces of pie or drink 3 Margaritas, but at least you burned some extra calories beforehand and will hopefully be in a better mindset to make healthier decisions for the rest of the day.

So now that you are prepared to go into your holiday festivities with a healthy mindset, go out and have some fun!

Because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle, so why not take one today?! And remember, if you ever want more personalized tips or advice to get you looking and feeling as healthy, fit, and fabulous as you desire, then CONTACT US and we will help make your dreams become reality!

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