CEOMOM Magazine Feature + GIVEAWAY

CEOMOM Magazine Feature + GIVEAWAY

July 13thNewsletter

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had quite the week! Between Kenzley’s 3rdBirthday on Monday, my CEOMOM Magazine Luncheon on Tuesday (which I’ll talk more about in a bit), working on remodeling the house and then finally starting to set things up for the baby’s nursery, not to mention all the work stuff I’ve been doing – and finally even deciding on name for Baby #3 (it’s still a secret though ;) – I feel like it’s all just been a whirlwind (story of my life these days)!

My biggest takeaway through it all though – is you have to be open and willing to let good things happen to you– because they are out there just waiting to be accepted! I know that may sound funny, but especially after attending the luncheon on Tuesday, this has become more abundantly clear than ever before.

So more about the luncheon: I was recently selected – along with 14 other fabulous women – to be featured in the Summer Issue of CEOMOM Magazine! Having honestly never heard of the magazine before, I was initially taken back by the offer, wondering why me and how this selection even came about. However, after speaking with the Editor-in-Chief and allowing this amazing opportunity to sink in, I humbly accepted – and couldn’t be happier that I did!

With a beautifully written article that helps give others a little deeper insight into who I am and how I’ve come to be thisperson and take on the various aspects of my home and work life, I’ve truly used this as a chance to inspire others to be the best they can be! Life is all about curveballs and how we deal with them. They are what make us who we are. Our job is to learn from them and to be the best we can be in spite of them!

Probably the best part of this whole experience though was the Thank-You Luncheon hosted by Dr. Melanie (the cover woman). Surrounded by a group of incredible women, all who have amazing stories and life-paths they’ve chosen – or in one way or another been thrown into – it was truly an honor to be in there presence! I was made to feel so deserving of all that I’ve accomplished, it made me want to spread my wings even further and help spread the knowledge and passion of living a healthy and fulfilled life with all of those around me (even more so than I already do)!

So what’s my point with all of this?? To know that you deserve all of the good that comes your way – and that even when it seems like you’ve really got to reach for it and that nothing is coming easy, you’ve got to stick with your gut and push through the hardship, because when you do, it will all be sooo worth it!

To read more about my story and the CEOMOM feature, you can check it out, HERE

Oh, and before I forget: I promised a GIVEAWAY! Well, the watch that I wore for the Thank You Luncheon is actually the brand hosting the GIVEAWAY: JORD Watches. (You can read the full review, HERE).

Available in both Men and Women styles, these wood-banded watches are truly one of a kind amazing! And to get your hands on one, you simple need to fill out THIS FORM with your name, email, and watch of choice and then pray that you are the lucky winner of their $100 Gift Card! The contest ends in a couple weeks (on August 5th), but don’t forget to enter now to secure your chance of winning!

I also wanted to take a quick minute and congratulation Catherine for winning the TwistShake Giveaway! Her Fruit Splash Sippy Cup is on its way! Did you miss out on entering? You can still get 20% OFF the entire Pastel and Pearl Range, as well as 60% OFF on the last 500 Neon Items when you use this discount code at checkout: healthyfitfabmoms

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