CBD for Dogs Anxiety


CBD for Dogs Anxiety

CBD for Dogs Anxiety

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Dogs are the most loved animal by humans and are truly a man’s best friend. We all love dogs. (Well, most of us)! Petting a dog also brings a lot of joy, and makes them truly feel like a family member. And just as a family member, you want to take care of your loving pet and make sure nothing bad happens to them. However, as many dog owners notice, your dog may be dealing with anxiety. Anxiety does not only occur in humans but in dogs, as well. One of the best ways to treat an anxious dog is through CBD oil.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a natural drug. CBD oil is widely used by dog owners to treat their anxious dogs. You can buy this oil from any CBD store, as well as many places online. This oil has no side effects and is the most natural way to treat your dog that they’ve discovered in the past 50 years. Although this oil is not medically approved by experts, pet owners claim that it really works. If you own a dog CBD dog treats is another way to combat anxiousness in your dog.

Why Does a Dog Become Anxious?

Dogs love their attachment figures and once they fall in love with somebody, living without that attachment is not easy. In the absence of an attachment figure, dogs often get separation anxiety. This attachment figure can be the owner, any other human, or any other animal. When dogs get separation anxiety, their overall behaviors change. They don’t treat humans like they did before. In this situation, CBD oil truly helps. If you are a new owner and you notice that your new dog is missing his old owner, then you should try treating him with CBD oil.

 What Are the Symptoms of Anxious Dogs?

There is a problem with symptoms. Some dogs show these symptoms while some don’t. These symptoms are mostly seen in mixed breed dogs while purebred dogs don’t show these symptoms every time. The symptoms of separation anxiety can be seen right after the attachment figure of the dogs leaves the place. It can also be triggered when you change the daily routine of the dog. Dogs do notice these subtle changes and more symptoms of separation anxiety may appear in him. A study suggests that separation anxiety is seen in male dogs more than females. Some symptoms of separation anxiety are:

  1. Barking
  2. Unusual urinating
  3. Howling
  4. Escape attempts
  5. Angry behavior
  6. Biting other humans

How to Get the Best Quality CBD Oil?

You can get CBD oil from any store but it is highly possible that you can be scammed. It is possible that the seller of CBD oil adds some impurities in it to increase the quantity. If you do get impure CBD oil then it will not help your dog. Only pure CBD oil can help. Hence, whenever you go and buy CBD oil, always check:

  1. Is It Organic?

CBD oils are mostly made out of hemp. When you buy a CBD oil check that is it made of organically grown hemp. Pure CBD oil is always from organic hemp.

  1. How Is It Processed?

The process through which this oil is made is very crucial – you should know how your oil is processed. Some companies often use cheap and dirty methods to process oil and, in such cases, oil gets toxic. The best way to process CBD is through Carbon dioxide and cold-pressed extraction.

  1. Is It Independently Tested?

Buy the CBD oil which is certified (COA) and is independently tested by its manufacturing company. Some companies don’t provide this certification and it is recommended that you don’t buy those products.

  1. What Is the Thc Level?

Don’t buy a product that has more than 0.3% of THC level. This much THC is level is very risky and harmful for your pet. When you buy CBD oil, check the THC level. If it is in good range then buy it. Only a very small percentage of THC level is ok for your dog.

How Much CBD Oil Is Good For Dog?

            Sadly, this oil is not scientifically approved and is the reason there is not a fixed dosage to give our dogs. However, many veterinarians still recommend this oil for anxious dogs and many owners do claim that CBD works. Here are some tips on the proper dosage:

  1. In the beginning, don’t give too much of the oil to your dog. Only give him about 0.25mg. If all seems fine, increase the dosage after a few days. Once you notice the minimization of symptoms, this should be the amount you stick with.
  2. Occasionally, check your dog’s weight and height. In this way, you will get to know your dog’s metabolism system.
  3. Consult your dog’s doctor for any major changes.
  4. Make sure that the dog does not have any other disease
  5. Only a high-quality CBD oil will give good results. Impure CBD oil will be nothing but harmful.


            Dogs are one of the most loving creatures. Many people view their pet dogs as their best friends. When this beautiful creature gets sick, us owners get worried. Dogs can also get worried. This mainly shows up as separation anxiety and will often occur when the owner leaves the dog for a period of time. To reduce your dog’s anxiety, you can use CBD oil. Although this oil is not supported by medical experts, many owners trust it and believe that the proper CBD dosage really will do wonders for their dog.


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