Can Your Family Handle a Pet Right Now? 4 Things to Consider


Can Your Family Handle a Pet Right Now? 4 Things to Consider

Can Your Family Handle a Pet Right Now? 4 Things to Consider

A pet is a fun idea that the kids often come up with on their own. While children are fond of small animals (or sometimes large ones too), they rarely will keep up with the commitment of caring for the animal. This leaves the burden squarely on the parents, requiring them to feed and care for the pet. Of course, some pets are higher maintenance than others, so this should be considered as well.

Here are four things to think about when wondering whether to get a pet for your family.

1) Is a Pet Right for Your Family?

Not every family is suited for pets. For instance, if you go away frequently for long periods then a dog or cat will need to go to a relative, the co-operative neighbor or into a kennel. The latter two options aren’t pleasant for a dog or cat. Other pets like a bunny rabbit or guinea pig need taking care of too.

Is your family settled and organized, or a bit rambunctious and all over the place? Pets are happiest in stable homes where their owners can provide love, attention, and feeding. When life is hectic and poorly managed, a pet is a difficult addition to a family and best avoided despite how cute they can be.

2) How Young Are Your Children?

Really young children who are going through a phase of curiosity are not best suited for pet ownership. Therefore, it’s up to the parents to consider the temperament of their child or children and their suitability to having a pet in the home. A fast-moving child or one that swings their arms around a lot is going to scare a dog or cat. This may cause the animal to be consistently anxious and stressed out. In the case of a cat, he or she will probably retreat under the sofa or bed and only be seen at feeding times.

3) What Type of Pet Will Suit Your Lifestyle?

If you’re someone who enjoys going out for regular walks, then owning a dog makes a lot of sense. However, if you’re more of a homebody, then owning a pocket-sized dog who’s used too frequently staying indoors, or a domesticated cat will be good options.

Other types of pets like rabbits, hamsters, lizards or birds are labor-intensive to care for. They can be messy and a bit smelly at times too. They’re often more work than parents believe at first. Rabbits are good first-time pets for children who aren’t ready for a cat or a dog yet. It can teach them some responsibility and they don’t make as much noise compared to a bird in a cage.

4) Can Your Family Afford the Pet?

Pets are expensive to own. They need regular food and water along with various supplies. There are upfront expenses like a dog bed, toys, food supplies, and a cage or tank if you have a bird or fish. The costs add up fast, so make sure to look around for deals. Try this website, as it helps you save money on pet supplies.

Furthermore, a pet can get sick just like humans do. Many of the same diseases that affect humans also impact pets including cancer, arthritis, and so on. The costs of vet checkups aren’t too bad, but the costs start rising quickly when there are any serious issues that need resolving.

Pet insurance is a good idea to cover some of the major expenses. However, without insurance, a pet owner may have to decide at some point whether to keep paying for a sickly animal or have them put down. When going into pet ownership with a good income and significant savings, more choices are available for you.

Owning a pet can be a wonderful experience for a family. Just make sure you’re fully prepared to provide a forever home and not just a temporary one.


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