Busy Schedules, Morning Routines and Doing It All

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Busy Schedules, Morning Routines and Doing It All

Busy Schedules, Morning Routines and Doing It All

Doing it all? We’ve all heard the term, and for many of us, this is what we strive to do. But really, what does “doing it all” mean?

Does it mean we work all day? Are stay at-home-parents? Take our kids to every sporting practice and event possible? Workout 6x/week? Cook every meal [from scratch] for our family? Or is it a healthy balance and something in between?!

I don’t know about you, but to me, there is simply no way to do it ALL! I try, trust me when I say that I do – but everything seems to suffer when this happens. And, in the end, I am the one who feels run down and becomes worthless, to the detriment of everyone else around me!

While yes, balance sounds great, this too is a far-fetched goal as balance to one individual may mean something totally different to another! In fact, when it comes to life, there really is no such thing as balance. We will always feel like we could/should/would do more than we are! This, in turn, will always leave us feeling discouraged, run-down, and like we can never live up to what we strive to be – a perfect human being – which of course, doesn’t exist!

Instead, I want you to turn to acceptance! Accept who you are, accept that you are trying your best, accept that your kids, friends, and family love you for just who you are! Yes, we can always strive to be better, strive to work as hard as we can while still putting our family first, strive to make those sporting events, workout more, and cook healthier meals more often – but that’s just it! Let’s STIVE to be better but be OK with where we are at today, knowing that life is a journey and every path you take will lead you down a different road – one that is sure to challenge you, but in the end, will enable you to grow, flourish and be a better version of yourself!

So, with all that said, I need to start taking my own advice! I’m one of those who constantly try to do it all – but of course, I will always fall short! However, I have come up with a pretty great morning routine that allows me to work, play, and relax (ok, I consider working out relaxing since that’s truly the only “me-time” I get, but hey, I can pretend, right?!).


6:15AM:  I'm up! Mornings are super hectic so I try to wake up before my family so I can have at least a few minutes of peace before I need to be in full mom mode. I drink a tall glass of water as I prepare my superfood coffee (which is full of protein, MCTs, and a superfood powder that I make, all of which helps keep me full until breakfast, as well as starts my day off on the right foot)!

6:30AM:  This is my most productive time of the day, so I quickly run through my emails, finding the ones which need the most attention and answer those, as well as [try to] complete any projects that are due that day. This is also when I’m pumping (for the other baby I send milk to), as well as drink my coffee. I definitely have lots of multi-tasking going on here! 

6:45AM: My oldest is up and needs to get ready for school, so I make his breakfast (usually a mix of nuts and dried mangos), finish prepping and/or packing his lunch (depending what I got done the night before), and help to make sure he is ready to leave by 7:15.

7:00AM: It’s workout time! This is when I try to sneak in a quick bout of Pilates, Barre, or some other strength training/bodyweight type exercises before the day gets too crazy! I’m my best self after working out, so this is really important to me!

7:15AM: Baby’s up! My daughter is such a happy baby, so I really look forward to getting her in the mornings! I change her, feed her and then play with her for a bit.

Interested in MORE? Read all about my full morning routine, HERE (and the original post on Everipe.com, HERE).

And if you’re looking for some convenient lunch and dinner ideas, then you should check out this blog I did about Modern Health Brands! Because it’s those small steps that make healthy living a lifestyle, so why not take one today?!

As always, I want to thank you for being part of our community! We love having you!

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