Best Sangria Combinations for This Summer


Best Sangria Combinations for This Summer

Best Sangria Combinations for This Summer

As Camila Cabello sang in her hit single Sangria Wine she recorded with Pharell, “Let’s float around like the fruit at the top.” After all, is there anything more enjoyable than lying down next to a pool or on a beach with a glass of sangria in hand? Probably not. With a perfect combination of wine, fruit, and sugar, sangria is a great companion for hot summer days and something I truly fell in love with while studying abroad in Spain during my college years.

The best part? There are so many different sangria combinations that you can try a new one each day of the summer, and you’d still have some left! Want to explore this topic a bit more and find out which ones are the best in our opinion? Well then, grab your wine bottle from Acker Wines, your local supermarket, or any closest alcohol shop, and let’s make some sangrias. Hey, and even though I’m pregnant, I can dream, right?!


What Is Sangria?

If you’re not familiar with sangria, don’t worry - I’ll explain. Sangria is a Spanish alcoholic beverage that is made out of wine, fruit, sugar, and a little bit of brandy. Its origins can be traced as far as 200 years before Christ. Despite having almost 2500 years of history, sangria holds a strong position in Spanish culture - especially during parties, where sangria is a must.

If you are wondering how a sangria tastes, you will be disappointed to hear that there is no specific answer. One of the characteristics of sangria is that it’s a very versatile drink - you can easily adapt it to suit your taste. Not a fan of sweet drinks? Don’t add sugar. Or go for a healthier approach and add coconut sugar or xylitol. Prefer something stronger? Add more brandy. The same goes for the fruit – you get to decide how much, and what kinds, to put in it. If you’re like me and prefer to really taste the fruit when drinking, then just add more!


Which Wine to Choose?

As sangria is a drink based on wine, you might be wondering - Which wine should I choose for the sangria?

The traditional sangria that you encounter in Spain or Portugal is made with red wine - that’s also where the name comes from. “Sangria” comes from the Spanish word “sangre,” which can be translated into English as blood. However, since today there are so many different recipes of sangria, you honestly can use whichever wine you prefer - just choose one that you wouldn’t mind drinking separately. You don’t like red? Then go for a white or a rosé one - or even better, champagne.


Red Wine Sangria

While die-hards prefer to make sangria with oranges and lemons, I like to use a variety of fruits for a sweeter and more diverse taste, including a variety of berries such as strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Since red wines usually consist of red and dark fruits flavors already, using them to prepare your sangria will enhance the flavor even further. You can also add a few slices of lemon to make the whole drink more refreshing; and I still consider orange slices a must here, as well.

Favorite combo: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, oranges.


White Wine Sangria

White wines usually have stone or tropical fruit flavors, which is why those kinds of fruits go best with them. When it comes to stone fruits, the most popular types are peaches, apricots, plums, nectarines, and cherries. On the other hand, with tropical fruits, additions like pineapple, lychee, mango, papaya, or kiwi will put a nice spin on it. If you want to keep your sangria nicely cooled without watering it down with ice, adding frozen grapes is a must!

Favorite combo: pineapple, peach, green apple, frozen grapes.


Rosé Wine Sangria

Rosé wine usually has a red fruit note, so the best choice is to add some cranberries or raspberries if you want to enhance the flavor. You can also add some citrus fruits. Keep in mind that rosé wines are a lot lighter than red wines though, and slightly more robust than white ones, so if you are looking for a perfect summer night drink, then a rosé sangria is probably your way to go.

Favorite combo: cranberries, orange, lemon, raspberries.


Champagne Sangria

For champagne sangrias or sparkling wine sangrias, if you prefer, strawberries are always a good choice. Strawberries and sparkling wine go as well together as strawberries and chocolate. Champagne usually has red apple, lemon, or lime notes, so you might consider adding those fruits to your champagne sangria, as well.

Favorite combo: strawberries, red apple, lemon, lime.


Final Thoughts

Sangria is one of those drinks that you can personalize as much as you want - choose your favorite wine, add your favorite fruits, a little bit of sugar, a touch of brandy, and voila - you made your custom sangria.

Now that you know our favorite sangria combinations, all you need to do is grab a bottle of wine and make some drinks of your own! Cheers to the summer!


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