ABC Kids Expo 2017 Re-cap

ABC Kids Expo 2017 Re-cap

What a crazy week!! Combining Vegas + work convention + a family vacation can really take a lot out of you!! Even one of those things is enough to put me into tailspin for a while… Hahaha ;)

Vegas vacation

Not only did I drag my husband, two kids and mother-in-law out to Las Vegas for a week, I also met my mom out there too! What for, you ask? To attend the ABC (All Baby & Child) Kids Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center, of course! [The Expo itself was only a few days, but we decided to make it an all out “vacation” since I needed to go anyway and I don’t have anyone to watch my kids while I’m away.]

With over 1,000 exhibitors utilizing 3,300+ booths, I was like a kid in a candy store meeting all of the industry giants as well as those up-and-coming companies that are sure to make it big one of these days.

From bottles and breast pumps to strollers and car seats + everything in between, this is where I go to learn about the newest and greatest products to help all of you Moms on your [often confusing] motherhood journey! And let me tell you, there is definitely no shortage of items to choose from and to inundate your home’s with – most of which we really don’t need but are convinced by others that we can’t live without!

And that’s where I step in! I’m here to save you both time and money by doing the research for you! I’ll help you decipher which items you truly need, which ones you can live without, and then which ones you may want to splurge on – yes, I’m talking about that ridiculously cute diaper bag you can’t keep your eyes off of J.

So please stay tuned in the upcoming weeks and even months for all of the latest and greatest products I discovered while at ABC Kids Expo to help make this motherhood journey as fun and rewarding as possible! (And I will, of course, keep posting my food and nutritional product reviews as well, so keep your eyes open for those as well!)




ABC Kids Expo (All Baby & Child), founded in March, 2003, is a partnership of juvenile industry manufacturers and retailers organized for the purpose of promoting the children's products industry.

The main objective and purpose of the corporation is to act as a business league that helps organize and put on trade shows to be held for the benefit of juvenile products manufacturers, specialty store retailers, distributors and manufacturers' representatives of juvenile products. With over 1000 exhibitors utilizing 3,300 booths in nearly one million square feet of exhibit space, it is currently one of the fastest growing trade show in the nation and ranks 47 out of the largest trade shows in North America. (Trade Show Executive 2015)


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ABC Kids Expo 2017 Re-cap

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