7 Ways to Kick Your Fitness & Health Into High Gear


7 Ways to Kick Your Fitness & Health Into High Gear

7 Ways to Kick Your Fitness & Health Into High Gear

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Getting in shape for the summer has always been top on many people’s minds, but as the years have gone by, so has the idea of what “getting in shape” actually means. Gone are the days of starving oneself and fitting into the tiniest of bikinis – thankfully! Now, it’s all about doing what is healthy for your body – on both the inside and out! It’s also warped from being an idea of the ideal summer body to one that encompasses a healthy lifestyle year-round!

As a Holistic Health Coach myself, I love that total body [and mind] care is more of the norm and am excited to see this idea spread to all generations for hopefully a lifetime to come!

With all that said, making health and fitness part of one’s lifestyle can be tough, and is why I’ve partnered with BabbleBoxx to help showcase some amazing products to help you do just that in the easiest and convenient way as possible! Check out this list of curated products below to get you started (or to keep you headed in the right direction)!


Multi Collagen Protein: You are most certainly aware of collagen these days, but what most don’t realize is that there are different types, each with their own benefits! So, step in this Multi Collagen Protein that gives you support for your skin, nails, hair, joints and gut with five types of collagen from four food-based sources. These include both bovine and marine sources – all of which are non-GMO, pasture-raised, cage-free and cruelty-free. Find it here: https://pixelfy.me/b7Xfzi

Ancient Nutrients Zinc + Probiotics: With immunity top-of-mind, this combination of enzyme-activated zinc with probiotics is not only formulated to withstand harsh conditions, but you can be sure your body is getting top-notch immune support all while supporting your digestion, as well. In fact, this supplement contains 20 mg of enzyme-activated zinc and 2 billion CFUs of probiotics, and can be found here: https://pixelfy.me/rJAdfq


Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World by Jennifer Sodini, Illustrated by Natalee Miller from Running Press Books: Centering around truth and balance, (which I think we all can agree we need more of in our lives), this oracle deck and book bring this ancient Egyptian concept into the modern world. Beautifully designed, these 42 cards help to inspire guidance by delivering practical applications and advice. Check out more, here: https://www.hachettebookgroup.com/titles/jennifer-sodini/amenti-oracle-feather-heart-deck-andguide-



Packed™ Sustained Energy Bars: I’ve always been a big fan of Nature Valley, but these chockfull energy bars are definitely next level good! With a creamy, crunchy, and chewy texture all in one bar, they are filled with tons of nutrition-packed ingredients like creamy nut butter, crunchy nuts and seeds, and chewy cranberries or blueberries, all of which will definitely help get you through your busy days! You can learn more, here: https://bit.ly/39hG1pJ


Wide Waistband Sport Legging: You all know I’m in love with a good legging, and these are definitely no exception! The fact that they have a wide waistband for additional comfort (which is especially great being 28+ weeks pregnant and all!), and are made with a lightweight fabric that stretches and moves with you, these leggings are definitely a new favorite!

Use code: Sport25 for 25% off at https://www.nononsense.com/wide-waistband-sport-legging.htm.


Plant-Based Meals: In my opinion, there’s no better way to increase your energy and help you feel your best than plant-based meals that are filled with nutrition. However, having the time (or even creativity) for this can be tough, and is why Veestro’s fully prepared, 100% plant-based meals are so great! Shipped directly to your door, these uber-convenient meals simply need to be heated and served – so no chopping, cooking, or cleaning required! I also love that the company was started by a brother and sister team from Costa Rica, which is one of my favorite countries on Earth {I traveled all over it before starting college and truly fell in love}! Visit Veestro (https://www.veestro.com ) and get 25% off any order with code BABBLE25 - expires October 31st , 2020.



If you’re active, you know that your jewelry can get in the way and cause you lots of unneeded anxiety – especially when it comes to your wedding or engagement ring! So step in RingHero: a wristband that keeps rings and small jewelry safe in its small zip pocket, so you always know where it is and that it’s safe! Learn more, here: https://bit.ly/3gAS8kE. And don't forget to use code BabbleBoxx10 to get 10% off your order.

Now get out there and enjoy the rest of your summer in the healthiest way possible! You deserve it!



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