6 Tips On Dating a Feminist


6 Tips On Dating a Feminist

6 Tips On Dating a Feminist

Guest Post:

I’m by no means a feminist, and in fact, often think that word is taboo. However, I do believe that being a woman this day in age should enable you to have your own voice and your own opinion, and you should be treated the same as everyone else is – no matter what your gender! With that said, I think this article makes some good points about dating/being in a relationship, in general, and is why I have decided to publish it. 


It can be daunting dating a feminist, especially if you never have before. Here are some tips to get you headed in the right direction for a successful date.

1) Be A Good Listener

When going on dates, make sure to take into consideration what she is saying. Being an active listener and repeating things back to her that she says, lets her know she has your full attention. This makes any woman feel more worthy and entitled, so avoiding speaking over her or taking away any of that worth is vital. Take a look at the differences between active and passive listening to help get an idea of how much to engage and how this will benefit communication.

2) Being Fair and Equal

As feminism is all about equal rights, it’s just as important that you are fair with the decision making you do while you date a feminist. Whilst it is a lovely gesture to pay for a meal if she offers as well, don’t just shoot her down. It can be frustrating if someone forces this on you, so always keep their opinion in mind and keep them as your best interest. Consider splitting the bill instead to allow the playing fields to become more equal.

3) Put Her Needs First

Woman have often been perceived in a type of way in the sex industry and often are not the most important when it comes to pleasure. Consider changing how you approach sex and think of different ways you can make her feel like her needs are the most important. Something to consider is sex toys and that you can please your woman with a vibrator. Take a look at the variety of sex toys available and find out what sex toy is best suited for her. This is a great way to start experimenting with your sex life, finding new imaginative ways of pleasuring her and keeping it interesting.

4) Be Thoughtful

Try to be thoughtful with what you say and how you address her. Getting to know someone and what they like is important. Don’t be careless with terms of endearment as she could deem this to be patronizing, depending on what kind of person she is. Consider looking into feminism and getting to know more about it, therefore if she brings up the topic you can impress her with your knowledge. If you take the time to get to know something she cares about, this shows you care about her.

5) Be Aware

Whilst it can be a lovely gesture to hold a door open for her or pull a chair out from under the table, if she decides to do the same to you, don’t act surprised. Feminism is all about equal rights, so this means women doing things for men sometimes. Respecting that you can both wear the trousers and be kind to one another is essential for any feminist. Have a read of the origins of feminism in order to become more familiar with the movement.

6) Be Sensitive 

Feminism is a very passionate subject for some people and depending on the person, this may be a touchy topic for them. Make sure not to make insensitive jokes or make comments that disregard women for fun. Although you may not mean it, you can’t be sure that a feminist will see the same humor. Be aware of your boundaries and take into consideration their feelings for the matter beforehand.

These are all major factors in how to treat a woman properly and how to date a feminist. As long as you can respect the aspects that contribute to feminism and know how to apply this, you can happily date a feminist without it getting in the way of your relationship. 


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