5 Secrets to Making That Perfect Cup of Coffee


5 Secrets to Making That Perfect Cup of Coffee

5 Secrets to Making That Perfect Cup of Coffee

Coffee is an underrated beverage because of its easy availability, but a truly good cup of coffee is rare because not everyone knows how to make it. Today, we are going to share five secrets to making that perfect cup of coffee with our fellow caffeine addicts and decaf aficionados!

1) Invest in a Nespresso Machine

Nespresso machines do not just offer the fastest and easiest way to make a good cup of coffee; they actually produce some of the best espressos you will ever drink.

Now, there’s a huge controversy around the coffee pods which Nespresso and other similar coffee machines use, so there’s no denying the fact that the original, plastic pods can indeed harm the environment in no negligible manner. Fortunately for those of us who love the rich, strong taste of coffee from our espresso machines, there is a very easy solution to this problem and it’s cheaper as well!

Instead of using the harmful Nespresso coffee pods, switch to USDA organic Nespresso compatible pods. These are organic and essentially turn into soil, after being processed, which is quite revolutionary as far as coffee pods are concerned. On top of all that, Gourmesso coffee pods are cheaper and come in all varieties, including a decaf variant for those that want to enjoy coffee without the effects of caffeine.

2) You Need Good Filters

While buying your paper coffee filters, invest more in them and opt for oxygen-bleached, dioxin-free products, rather than regular paper filters which are significantly cheaper, but also inferior. As we are going to value quality over cost to make that perfect cup of coffee, cheap isn’t the way to go here. Some swear by the gold-plated filter, but these have the shortcoming of letting sediment through, so the price is not justified.

3) Use the Perfect Coffee-Water Ratio

You would be surprised at how many people don’t know the default coffee-water ratio, which is as follows.

  • 2 tablespoons/6-ounce cup
  • 23/4 tablespoons/8-ounce cup

Even those that know about them may stop measuring their coffee and water, which means that eventually, they will start to get it wrong. If you want a perfect cup of coffee, follow that ratio with precision every time.

4) How Hot is Your Water?

Piping hot coffee is almost legendary for multiple reasons that range from being used in self-defense to multimillion-dollar lawsuits, but when you are trying to make a perfect cup, that’s not even an option!

If the water gets too hot while brewing, it will make the beans release chemicals that contribute more to the coffee’s bitterness than anything else. Once again, there is the ideal temperature of 200-degree Fahrenheit, which needs to be maintained. Also reheating a cup of coffee is never a good idea, so make a new cup if the current one is already cold.

5) The Right Type of Water

Water is chemically defined as H2O, but we all know that there’s usually a lot more than just hydrogen and oxygen in the tap water!

Fluoride, chlorine, etc. can ruin your coffee, and if you use distilled water, it will taste quite obnoxious too! The thing about the perfect cup of coffee is that it also needs the perfect water, full of rich minerals, and free of added artificial chemicals.

There are two ways to get the perfect water you need to make good coffee, which are as follows.

  • Buy and use bottled, spring water
  • Use tap water, after fitting the tap with a carbon-filter

The rest of the tips are quite straightforward, but worth mentioning, nonetheless. Buy high-quality coffee beans or pods, keep them fresh and always clean your coffee making equipment right after, to keep each new cup fresh. That’s it really, and as long as you manage to get these right you will always have the perfect coffee for yourself and your guests.

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