5 Postpartum Skincare Tips Every New Mom Needs

5 Postpartum Skincare Tips Every New Mom Needs

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When you become a mom your whole world changes and all your priorities suddenly change to adapt around your new little arrival. Pregnancy often isn’t an easy or straightforward process, and for many moms it is a roller coaster of emotions and changes. However, this doesn’t stop as soon as you give birth, and there are many postpartum side effects that you may suffer from, such as postpartum depression, hair loss, and acne. Therefore, it is important that you are prepared for the changes that might occur to your body after you give birth and find a way to deal with them. To give you a helping hand, we have provided you with a few postpartum skincare tips that will help every new mom get back in the habit of caring for your skin.

1) Go Back to Basics

There is little point setting up a complicated skincare routine for you to follow as you won’t have the time or motivation when you are looking after a newborn. In the first few weeks after giving birth, you will be lucky to even wash your face twice a day. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect too much from yourself. Keep your skincare simple by having a single face wash in your bathroom by the sink so that you can quickly give your face a good wash before bed.

2) Streamline Your Routine

There are many different products out there that are aimed at moms after they give birth that all promise to solve their postpartum symptoms. However, it is unlikely that you are going to find the time to regularly use these products in order to see if they work or not. Therefore, you should streamline your routine and focus solely on cleansing and moisturizing. You should keep micellar water (or even witch hazel) by your bed with a few cotton rounds so that you can quickly cleanse your face at the beginning and end of each day. With this, you should find a moisturizer that suits your skin and apply it in the morning and evening.

3) Be Prepared to Experiment 

Some of your favorite products that you used as part of your skincare routine before you gave birth may no longer work on your postpartum skin. Therefore, you should be prepared to experiment and try different products. For example, CBD oil skincare products have become known to improve skin conditions, such as acne and eczema. If you think this may help you then, see more details here.

4) Apply a Night Cream

If you find it difficult to find the time you need to apply creams and moisturizers throughout the day as part of a skincare routine, then you should consider applying a night cream that will work on your face while you sleep. By applying a night cream, you will wake up looking refreshed in the morning, even if you haven’t had much sleep.

5) Stay Hydrated

It can be easy to neglect our own needs when we become a mom, but it is important that you still do what you can to take care of yourself. For example, drinking enough water is not only essential to our overall health, but it can have significant improvements on our skin. You should aim to drink around 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Before you entered motherhood you probably spent a significant amount of time and money on your skincare routine. However, this all changes when you become a mom. Now, it can be difficult to follow even the simplest of routines, but by following these simple tips you will soon get back into the habit of caring for your skin.


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