4 Vegan CBD Dessert Ideas


4 Vegan CBD Dessert Ideas

4 Vegan CBD Dessert Ideas

Over the past several years, it’s become more apparent than ever just how versatile the cannabis plant truly is. In fact, the industrial applications of hemp are nearly inexhaustible. Rope, clothing, paper, and plenty of other textile products can be made with it. On the other hand, marijuana has been proven as an extremely effective medicine for both serious and mild conditions, alike, and has been a godsend for many of those trying to unwind after a long and stressful week, as well.

However, one of the frequently omitted qualities of cannabis is its culinary uses. While it’s nothing new to stoners who have been getting high with pot brownies or hash cookies for decades, or for those once considered “hippies” who love using hemp seeds to flavor all sorts of dishes, it hasn’t always been an easy ingredient to get your hands on. For instance, if aren’t allowed to use THC because it's illegal where you live, or your workplace practices random drug testing (and you prefer not to buy fake urine), chances are you haven't tried marijuana in your kitchen either.

Thankfully, with the rise of THC-free, CBD-based products, you're able to try out some of these tasty CBD recipes without any stress. Since it isn't psychoactive in any way, CBD won't cause you to fail a drug test. Now, with the use of hemp seeds or CBD oil, you can whip up delicious, vegan desserts that will awe your guests and have everyone begging for more!

If you're lacking inspiration, or are looking for an easy way to start experimenting, then try out one of these CBD dessert ideas listed below!


Vegan CBD Brownies

Pot-infused brownies have been the staple of the stoner culture for decades. World-famous for how high you can get after eating too many, they’re also known for their characteristic, funky flavor. However, if you thought that combining chocolatey snacks with health benefits wasn't possible, think again. Thanks to CBD oil, you can bake a dessert that is tasty and can also help you get rid of anxiety or combat insomnia.

To start, you're going to need three tablespoons of CBD oil per each batch of brownies, in order to make sure that your goodies will deliver the desired effects. Aside from cannabis, you can still stick to your favorite vegan brownie formula, just remember to add the CBD oil in the mix! If you don't have much prior experience with brownies, you can use this quick and easy recipe as a reference.


Peanut Butter Cups

This is a great recipe for those of you who don't really spend that much time in the kitchen and are looking for an easy dessert to serve your guests or significant other. Additionally, these vegan CBD peanut butter cups look much more difficult to make than they actually are!

In order to get the best experience, half a cup of coconut oil infused with CBD is the way to go for ultimate relaxation. If that isn't available, a mix of regular CBD and coconut oil will suffice. Aside from this "magic ingredient", all you're going to need is peanut butter, cupcake liners, and cacao powder (as it contains more nutrients than cocoa powder). Mix it all up, pour into the liners, stick it in the fridge for thirty minutes, and voila!


Gummy Bears

Take a page out of big pharma's book and trick those around you into getting their medicine by making CBD gummy bears! Use agar instead of gelatin to keep them vegan and as squishy and stretchy as possible. You'll also need around 150mg of CBD oil per each batch of gummies you make.

Most of the work will be done in a saucepan, and if you follow the recipe, chances are you won't even break a sweat when preparing the bears. After the mixture of cold water, agar jelly, and your favorite fruit juice are even and consistent, you should leave it off to cool down. That's also the moment you should add the CBD to the mix. Pour it all into your bear-shaped molds and put in the fridge to cool off. Keep an eye on the mixture, and once it settles, take the gummies carefully out of their molds to enjoy!


Rice Krispie Treats

This classic 15-minute dessert is a whole new beast when infused with CBD oil! Everybody loves Rice Krispie treats for how easy they are to make. With the addition of CBD, they become the perfect, semi-healthy snack you can throw together in no time!

Aside from Rice Krispies (duh!), you’ll also need brown rice syrup to mend and sweeten the cereal in your baking pan. You can also substitute this with maple syrup if that's your preference, or even a high-fiber syrup and some peanut butter to reduce the sugar and make them even healthier – and tastier, in my opinion. As for the CBD oil, you'll only need about two teaspoons of it, as the dry cereal absorbs it really well.


Final Thoughts

If you're still iffy about the benefits of CBD and don't want to feed it to your kids and guests just yet, you can try out these dessert concepts CBD-free too – trust me, you’ll still enjoy them! The same goes for those of you who want their edibles to pack a bit more of a punch -- just replace CBD oil with a THC-heavy ointment, and you'll be off to Neverland!



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