10 Tips to a Healthier Thanksgiving Plate


10 Tips to a Healthier Thanksgiving Plate

10 Tips to a Healthier Thanksgiving Plate

November 16th Newsletter

I’m baaaaccck!!! It seems like time has literally just rocketed me out into the future! I mean, here I am, [nearly] 2 months after giving birth to Kaia and soooo much (while simultaneously, so little) has happened!

I still haven’t been as productive as I would like, although I have been working out a bit, started posting reviews again on the blog, been doing quite a bit with Instagram, and just came back from my “girl’s trip” to San Diego with Kaia and Kenzley. Ok, when I see it all written out it’s not sooo bad! Hahaha.

Slowly but surely... which is definitely my moto these days. And do you know what? In a way, it should be all of ours. What’s the rush, really?! We all need to just slow down and enjoy the journey, not just rush to get to the finish line all the time!

Now with all that said, we should also slow down when we eat – which is a perfect segue into the true topic of this week: How to Build a Healthier [Thanksgiving] Plate. You like how I did that?! Hehe.

For those who didn’t follow my blog this time last year, I wrote a whole series on Tips to Making Healthy Living a Lifestyle – and for setting you up for a Successful New Year. TIP #3 was How to Build a Healthier Thanksgiving – and is where I’m going to lead you to today. You can check out the full post HERE, to get more into the details of it all, but for those who like it short and sweet, I’m going to list my 10 tricks below, so you can have your Turkey, and eat your Pumpkin Pie too! (And please stay tuned to my Instagram feed, because I will certainly be posting some tasty recipes there in the next week or so for those who are interested.)

Oh, but before getting into it, I want to list this stat to hopefully inspire you to take some of my tips to heart: Did you know that the average American consumes an upward of 4,500 calories at a typical Thanksgiving day gathering – including drinks, snacks, appetizers and of course, the big Turkey Day feast itself! That’s more than you should eat in 2 days! No wonder Stove Top has come out with a line of “Thanksgiving Dinner Pants” – seriously! (Check out the link; I still can’t believe they’re a real thing!)


  1. Start with soup.
  2. Drink lots of water.
  3. Stock up on veggies.
  4. Consider casseroles as your starch.
  5. Scoop on sides sparingly.
  6. Don’t forget the turkey [(if that’s your thing); other proteins can work here, as well.]
  7. Drinks count, too.
  8. Don't deny dessert.
  9. Beware of sneaky calories.
  10. Chew slowly.


     11. Get enough sleep. (Remember my last newsletter about sleeping enough?! Yeah,               that applies here too!)

If you want to really get into the 10 + 1 tips above, check out the full article, HERE. But remember, Thanksgiving is a day of indulgence – and I’m not trying to convince you otherwise. However, it’s not the last time that you will ever enjoy these foods, so keep that in mind, as well. I mean, you’ll undoubtedly have loads of leftovers for a good week to come, [and probably have this same exact meal every Thanksgiving (if you’re anything like my family was growing up)], am I right?!

With all that said, I truly hope you have a healthy and Happy Thanksgiving – and Holiday season for that matter! And, as always, I am here if you need some more advice to help you live the healthiest, fittest and most fabulous life you were meant to live, so CONTACT me – I’m here for you!

As always, thanks so much for following along with me on my Motherhood journey, and please, if you have friends and/or colleagues who you think would love this info as much as you do, SHARE this Blog and Newsletter with them. LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to stay connected as well!


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