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JAB It Up - Super Powders

"Make every food a healthier food™"


Originally developed to help children get more nutrients into their meals - but now loved by both kids and adults alike - Super Powders are not your typical “vitamin powder”, filled with lots of synthetic creations that are supposedly good for you. Everything in Super Powders are 100% Organic (aka, doesn’t contain any chemicals, pesticides, etc.), and are made out of 100% whole foods. Nothing is artificial, and nothing is processed or “preserved”. Everything comes directly from nature and is delivered to you in the freshest way possible.

Whether you are looking for a way to get more “greens” into your diet, your in the need of some extra protein or iron in your life, your fiber intake is a little low, or you just want to make your favorite foods and desserts a little healthier, than Super Powders are what you need!

Plus, Super Powders (4oz size) come in an awesome "shaker container" that makes using them throughout the day not only convenient, but fun too! My toddlers love to "shake on more powder" - and yours are sure to as well!

Available in Green Machine, Berry Powerful, or CacaoKapow, you are sure to find a flavor that satisfies your taste buds and compliments your meal, no matter what that might be!

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Available in a convenient "shaker container" (for the 4oz size), Super Powders are an easy addition to your everyday spices and are designed to be pretty enough to leave on your counter - so you won't forget to use them! 

To Use: simply shake on as much Super Powder as you'd like, and enjoy! 

Green Machine: Great in smoothies, on pasta, veggies & more!

Berry Powerful: A perfect addition to cereal or milk, on sandwiches (as a jelly replacement) and more!

CacaoKapow: Delicious in coffee, smoothies, milk, oatmeal & more!

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